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History was my favourite subject when i was in school.
no matter how lazy i was when it comes to study (selalu tidur time prep.. yang bestnye tak pernah kantoi dengan warden. ngee~), i'll make sure i get an A for History subject.
there was one time, i was kind of mad at my history teacher because she didn't give me 100% marks for my History paper (result trial SPM) with the reason "memang dah syarat tak boleh bagi student markah 100% dalam esei walaupun complete semua point". i was like "WTF..????" - dalam hati je la tapi. huhu.

u might say "only 2 points. so what's the different? sama juga A+ kan?".
well honey, 100% gonna make my name to be on top of the History scorer list among all Form 5 students. but with 98%-> it means that i'm just a good student, not excellent. hm. i hate being ordinary or 'just good enough' on my fav subject.

so yeah.
i love History.
prolly because i love reading since i was a kid, so rembat je la semua bahan bacaan yang boleh di baca termasuk lah buku teks Sejarah. ngee.

tapi dalam banyak-banyak chapter, saye paling tak blei blah dengan chapter pasal Dewan Rakyat ke Dewan Negara ke dan segala yang sewaktu dengannya. haa..yang itu memang lembap sket masuk dalam kepala. sebab tu saye tak berminat ambil exam SPA sebab tau memang akan kantoi. haha.

the place that i'm planning to visit next year will mostly include museum and some ancient buildings which i loikeeee!
picturing myself to be at that place really excites me.

BUT (yes, there's a but)
am not sure who's gonna come along, though.
sebab confirm laaa takder orang minat nak pergi muzium-muzium nih. it's gonna be boring for them.

so am not sure if the plan gonna be executed or not.
maybe it will. maybe it won't.
but if nobody interested in that, i'll change it to some other country which is nearer (and cheaper) like.. hmm.. Gold Coast maybe (but i'm more interested to go to New Zealand).
tah ler. tak fikir lagi pasal back-up plan.

haaih.. bila laaaaaa boleh dapat kerja yang require me to travel around the world tapi tayah kuar sesen pun nih ekk... ngeh3.

tu la.. dulu elok-elok dah dapat offer, tapi tolak sebab kunun-kunun degree in IT, so nak stick to IT jugak. and now, sape yang susah? nape la haku nih suka sangat tolak tuah/rezeki ek..? hmm.

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