if you must steal, then steal away my sorrows...

9:11 AM

may you never steal, lie or cheat.

But if you must steal,

then steal away my sorrows.

And if you must lie,

lie with me all the nights of my life.

And if you must cheat, then please cheat death,

because l couldn't live a day without you.

-Leap Year-

a nice movie, i must say.
agak comel kot.
it's simple and typical.
but i kinda like this one.
prolly because the breathtaking scenery that was shown in this movie.

i love this type of movie.
well, any movie that involves road trip + travel + amazing scenery will definitely be my fav.

kadang-kadang, tengok cerita yang simple-simple macam ni lagi best.
even dah tahu how the story's gonna end, tapi mungkin sebab sangat lah indah pemandangan yang ditunjuk membuatkan cerita yang tipikal menjadi luar biasa.
ceh. ayat tak bolei blah.

some might think I*T people should love all those CGI's movie.
but me..?
i opt for something much simpler.
such as;

(500) Days of Summer,
Imagine Me & You,
The Holiday,
Wicker Park,
(tak ingat dah. rasa macam banyak lagi kot.)

it's not because of the love story.
i sort of hate cheesy movie anyway ;p

what i do enjoy is seeing the scenery.

i always dream that one day i'll have the chance to travel in Europe
(and around the world ;p).

backpack. roadtrip.
either one will do just fine for me.
sangat suka tempat yang ada:-

beautiful greenish scenery
[Switzerland (Bella & Edward's. hee), New Zealand, Ireland, Japan, etc]
historical/ancient building/monuments
[Venice, Paris, Amsterdam, England]
(Turki, Egypt, India, etc).

cambest je kan kalau dapat pergi..

i kinda hope that one day, if i EVER find my soulmate
(apasal aku rase macam euuw bila sebut soulmate eh..?)
he's also must be a travel junkie.
ye la kan. at least ada kawan nak jalan-jalan.
tayah risau kena kidnap.
or just in case ada inn-keeper suh kish, tader ar cuak sebab sah2 la halal. ngehngeh.

kawen sebab nak ada kawan berjalan-jalan? haha. yer. saye tau, saye memang sengal (^___-)

ok bye.
dah habis merepek.
nite nite everyone~

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