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Phi Phi Island, 2009

in case if you don't know yet,
this blog. my blog. was named the travel junkie lady.
when i created this blog, my intention was to make it as my travelogue.
from my past trip to the most recent ones.

mula-mula jer bersemangat.
but then i get lazy.
there're few more places that i haven't updated in this blog;
Singapore.. Bali.. and few others.

i wonder where has the spirit goes..

ok fine. it's not really because of LAZY.
the truth is,
it's because of the picture quality that makes me feel so embarassed to show the pictures to other people ! :(

you see,
i have been an 'adventure junkie' since i was in school.
i've been:
mountain hiking, wall climbing, kayaking, water rafting, camping, scuba diving, flying-foxing, etc (basically whatever that has 'ing' behind it) ;p
so, a VERY GOOD camera is important to me to capture all those precious moment.

and when i say GOOD it means:
water-proof,shock-proof, temperature-proof!

and not to forget,
it must be a small and slim too so that i can put in my bag easily for my daily use.

yes. it must be THAT GOOD.

if you read my blog, most of my trips involved WATER!
be it the ocean, waterfall or any water theme park.
(and thanks to god, my house has a swimming pool too! heee)
yerp. WATER is my escapism from the outside world.

After my last camera has died last 2 years after Tioman Island trip
[thanks to the non-waterproof camera. :( ],
i never bought any camera ever since.
i kind of 'merajuk'.

i borrowed my sister's camera to Krabi for Songkran Festival, 2009 and since it's a non-waterproof camera, i had to use waterproof case to avoid it from water.

(image from google)

and my god, it was really, really, REALLY IRRITATING!
like, seriously.
it's difficult to take pictures as it takes a while for the camera to stabilize the lens inside that plastic.
so there goes all the candid moment that i wanted to capture.. *sigh*

Phi Phi Island, Krabi, Thailand

the recent trip that i took was in March 2010:

the Trip to Sipadan Island-

which is one of the most precious island on earth!
and since i was going there to have a go on scuba diving, it got me thinking to buy a new camera.

ye la kan. kena lah ambil gambar underwater.

like hello, it was going to be my first time scuba diving so of course,

i need to capture that 'historic' moment!


i need an 'awesome-easy to use-super-cool' camera!
so i googled on the net and guess what i found?


the SONY TX5!

click at the image to view the description

it's a complete package-all-in-one camera~!

or in other words:
Small wonder!

as i quote from Sony:

"Amazing things come in this small package. The Cyber-shot® TX5 has it all, from a stunningly thin 3/4" body to advanced technologies that make it easy to shoot gorgeous photos and videos. Aside from its remarkable intelligence, the TX5 is also built extremely tough. Its airtight construction is waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, and freeze-proof. Just slip it in your pocket and you're prepared to capture the world in style, no matter where you are. "

i guess i don't need to explain more, eh?
me likeeee TX5!

i was very excited about it and i remember I went to Sony, Pavillion to buy it BUT i was very FRUSTRATED 'cause at that time,
TX5 hasn't hit Malaysia's market yet!

and you have nooooo idea how devastated i was.. :(
[you can read the frustration over here, btw]

anyway, to cut this entry short
( i know, this is longgggg already. haha. hey, am trying to make a point here. hihi),
i let you to see some of the evidence of my poorly captured pictures.

Tioman Island, Malaysia,

to take these pictures, i had to go inside the boat, took my friends' pictures and then asked someone from the boat to take OUR pictures and then go inside the boat again to keep the camera inside a plastic bag. tsk.

and because of it's not a waterproof camera,
i was not able to take the wonderful and all those amazing underwater creatures while snorkeling.. :(

Tioman Island, 2008

what a stunning beach!
but unfortunately, this is where my camera hold it last breath after sucking too much water.. :(


Department Trip @ Pulau Pangkor

we looked like a bunch of ghosts!


you know what,

TX 5 has this 'Great Low-light Shots Without a Flash' function.

so above 'ghostly' image won't happen with TX5.

this was actually, a very scary moment.

we were in the water,

when suddenly came this one HUGE wave threw us back and forth in it!

tak sempat nak buat apa-apa. were trying hard to grasp for air.

i even thought that i was gonna die. huhu~

nasib baik tak trauma. hehe.

that was us- in our hotel's swimming pool, the following day.


I had my first banana boat ride during this holiday.

but none of us took any picture of it because we left it in the hotel.

it's okay for us to be wet, but NOT our CAMERA!!


Krabi, Thailand, 2009

Songkran Festival in Phi Phi Island.

(taken with camera inside that 'plastic waterproof case')

see the images?

bad, isn't it?

this won't happen with Sony TX5 as it has anti-motion blur technology.


Pulau Sipadan, 2010

good eh?

oh well, it was taken using our guide's camera, which we rented it, btw :(

mati la kalau asyik kena rent camera everytime nak masuk dalam laut, kan?

wish i have one waterproof camera for myself..

from this entry.

Faz's camera fell into the water.

we managed to get it back after awhile, but it's pointless anyway.

the camera has broken.

it's not Sony TX5, you know.. not a waterproof camera. not a shockproof camera.. (T__T)

if only i had that Sony TX5, all above pictures would have been so much better..

and only nuffnang & sony can make my dream comes true ;)

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