Sunday, June 6, 2010

Travelogue Mabul - Sipadan Trip : Day 3 [Part III]

because i'm in such a good mood today, i guess i shall continue updating my 'stone-age' trip.
i won't write much tho.
you know what they say right, 'a picture worth a thousand words',
so let's get going!

we were extremely exhausted after coming back from the diving trip.
Both Faz & Adan were not feeling well. maybe because dehydration. or maybe because it was the side affect after being under water.
and as for me, i was very tired and all i could think about during this time was to sleep!
but at the same time, i don't want to miss the Bajau's Wedding too.

//diving is very tiring i tell you!
//but yeah, it was definitely fun :)

we arrived to the venue a wee bit early so we decided to taste Mabul's Air Batu Campur.

i was forced by these kids to take their picture!!
see the t-shirt?
ganas dowh budak2 nih.

there were lots of people that night.
not only the local villagers, but the tourists as well.
// and it looks like there was a concert being held ;p

while waiting for the bride & the groom,
we were entertained by a local singer.
sumpah tatau mamat tu nyanyi lagu apa. tak faham.
kejap rasa macam hindustan. kejap rasa macam philipino.
haih. layan kan aje lah.

here comes the bridegroom~

see their sour face?
there's no smile. not even a glimpse.

it happened that this marriage was actually, an arranged marriage.

the villagers came up the stage to give these girls money.
nasib la saya pakai t-shirt, kalau tak, boleh gak cuba nasib. ngeh3.

the ceremony took hours!!
so there's nothing better to do than killing the time by cam-whoring.

//dancers pun jadi mangsa kitorang untuk bergambar. muahahah.

muka tak tahu malu sibuk nak bergambar dengan pengantin.
dah la pakai t-shirt je.
Pak Lah lagi selamba dek, pakai suar pendek je.
oh well, it's not like you have the oppurtunity to attend an island wedding everyday, right?


~~~ana121~~~ said...

kak weeda, ana ada plan nk gi redang dlm bln 7 ni.. berminat x? kalau kak weeda nk join nanti maybe akan pergi jumaat smpi isnin... let me know kalau kak weeda interested nk join k.. :O)

{travel junkie lady} said...

interested! klu on ym, buzz kak w33da, k :)