What is someone like you doing in a place like this?

9:09 AM

so many things to talk about, but i just dunno where to start.
hurm. nevermind. i'll get to the other things later. for now..

  1. am writing this blog while watching Uruguay vs Korea.
    good game. so far, Uruguay is leading.
    (tapi tengok sorang2 tak best la compared to watching WC at Jalan Damai. ngee.)

  2. currently i keep playing Timbaland's Morning After Dark & If We Ever Meet Again & Carryout. and not forgetting, Usher's songs!

  3. wish i can get FREE tix to see Usher this July. tapi harapan adalah sangat tipis nampak gayanya. huhu~ T__T
    why FREE tix? it's because i can't afford the RM488 tix. i really wanna be there when Usher sings Slow Jams! so that bolei la nak perasan-perasan dan sengih sorang-sorang masa dia nyanyi lagu tu. ngeee~

  4. i'm thinking to go somewhere next year.
    forget about ASEAN.
    i'm talking about much farther than that.
    haven't discussed with anyone yet cause,
    well, it will cost a lot of money.
    and i don't think any of my friends will agree to it.. :(

    can i afford it?
    dunno. but i hope so.
    one thing for sure,
    i'll definitely broke laaa lepas balik malaysia balik.

    so to prevent that from happening,
    'guess i need to find other job in which gonna be difficult since i'm comfortable with current job.
    the only problem is the s*lary.sungguh tidak berpatutan.

    and even if i do manage to get a job with a satisfied s*lary,
    boleh keeee nak sesukahatisesedaprasa nak minta cuti sebulan when the time comes?
    jangan kata sebulan, seminggu pun belum tentu lepas kotttt.
    i did get offer(s) from other company that can give much more than my current s*lary, but i declined because.. i'm too comfortable with my current job and i don't think i wanna work outside from oil & gas industry. cos it's like... (no, i'm not gonna finish this sentence. he.)

    i need to get out from my comfort zone.
    it's now or never.
    so what if it's not O&G company, as long as it can gimme what i want, it should be good.. right? err, right?

    here i come!!! ;)

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