fine. saye memang tak sedar diri

9:31 AM

yeah.. you can say that to me.
for behaving like a teenage kid drooling over teen pop star.
and heck. i don't give a d*mn care.
this vid is so sweeeeetttttt!!

No Other by Super Junior
(English Subs)

i never really like Siwon before this.
(for those who don't know, Siwon is the first solo guy in that clip. the guy that tied up the girl shoes)
i know he is good looking, have fine abs (thehehe) and whatnot,
but he never been the apple of my eyes.

but now,
oh god.
i keep asking myself
'kenapeeeee la tadek orang sehensem camtu ngorat aku selama nih haaaaa???'
definitely soalan mintak penampor ;p

before this i like to watch Leeteuk cos he looks comel.
comel in a idiot-but-cute way, know what i mean?

see below clip.
Leeteuk is the one yang asek tersengih sengih semasa menari.
i guess, i like him for his happy go lucky face, kot.

i fall in loveeeee with Siwonnnnn pulak!!~

kenape lah kau kacak sangat??

i love Donghae part too.
he's the one with the red rose.

and another one,
YeSung with the ring and balloon.

alolor.. tomei nyee lahai~

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