From Despicable to a muslimah fashion show

2:10 AM

so i went to see Despicable Me [3d] last night. it was an unplanned plan. hee.
suddenly cz's meeting ended early, so we managed to catch the 920pm show.
(i bought the ticket online at 830pm, btw. )

the cinema was unusually full of people.
i know it's Friday (saturday night), but last night was totally different.
like there was some event going on.
we even get the tickets quite late because too many people were there and we hafto queue to get the tickets. haisk.

Despicable Me was okay. it's funny.
it's about a guy who try so hard to be the famous villain in the world.
cita-cita yang sangat tak boleh blah. haha.
it's hilarious, but still can't beat How To Train Your Dragon (HTTYD), tho.
HTTYD is my favourite, second after Monster Inc. ngeee.

and btw, i think Despicable Me is sort of like Monster Inc.
bad guy vs cute annoying little kids.
jahat, tapi still care for the kids. sangat comel, kan?

and yes,
the movie ended with happily ever after, of course. :)

i forgot to mention about these:
  1. The 3D effect in Despicable Me is so cool! cooler than any 3D movie that i've watched so far.
  2. i like the trademark song whenever Gru came out. macam lagu rap zaman Vanilla Ice dulu. hehe. *demmit. i can't get it out from my head! *

after coming out from the cinema, i saw a lot of people outside (third floor).
curious, so we went to 3rd floor to see what's going on.

Samrah Festival 2010

Venue: Level 3, Bukit Bintang Entrance
Date: 17/07/2010 - 20/07/2010
Time: 08:45 PM - 11:30 PM

rupa-rupanya in conjunction with Kuala Lumpur Samrah Festival, there's a muslimah fashion show was held outside Pavilion. i was very excited tapi malangnya, bila sampai bawah je, fashion show dah habis. T__T

most of the models wore something like this:

picture taken from online boutique in face book.

tapi yang best tu, je lepas habis fashion show, ada performance from Arab singer. (tak tahu la Arab ke..iran ke, lebanese ke apa ke.) tapi orang tu cakap Arab. i know cause i learnt Arab Language for three years. tapi tu pun sebab setakat faham singer tu cakap 'syukran'. haha. ;p

the crowd was hugeeeeee!

and it was really happening. seronok sangat tengok ramai orang Arab kat sana.
some guys were actually dance to the song!

this little girl were dancing too.
(iskh. kecik kecik lagi dah pandai belly dance eyh? )

fyi, most of my neighbours are foreigners (Arab & Korean).
i think the Arabs inspire me to wear Abaya.
suka sangat tengok dorang pakai jubah.
nampak sangat modest.
and eventho dorang 100% fully covered (with purdah), they look gorgeous!

...and last night they made me feel so underdress~!
ye lah. mana tau ada fashion show.
ingatkan nak tengok wayang je, pastu terus balik.. huhu~

i should have wear this, no?sopan sikit. hee. ;)

event tamat lepas tiba-tiba hujan turun dengan lebatnya.
kitoang cepat-cepat masuk dalam, masuk lif.
tapi masa dalam lif, tiba-tiba ada bodyguard tahan lif tu.
rupa-rupanya ada VIP masuk.
tak sure siapa. KL mayor and his wife kot.
saye kat belakang sangat masa tu so tak nampak.
(almaklum la, tinggi tak cukup. takkan nak jengket pulak kan? haha)
dah la bodyguard tu complete wired macam yang dalam cerita The Bodyguard tu. cuak pulak tengok. heh.

looking at the Arabs, remind me of my own relatives.
in fact,
the dancing dudes remind me of my second cousin's wedding few years back.
sebab masa kakak tu kawen, dorang ada buat ghazal & ada laaa kaum kerabat dorang (middle-east) yang menari (male).

yeah. we sorta have Western Asia (not middle east.) blood running in our veins from my mum's side...
tapi cousin-cousin saye je la yang cantik-cantik, handsome-handsome, putih melepak.
me..? naaah. jauh panggang dari langit ;p
sebab tu la selalu sangat rasa rendah diri bila sometimes sitting among them.. T__T


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