"i'm hotter than you", he said.

10:16 AM

and i guess it is true.
cos when i was cold and shivering,
immediately i could feel the warmth everytime i see him.

that's weird.

weird, like totally-bizarre-kind-of-weird.
cos i only saw him from afar.

me, here;

while he;
on the other hand..

was there..

on the silver screen.

and oh.

i'm talking about Jacob the Werewolf.

i just come back from watching Eclipse. :)

gila full-house oke.
nasib baik dah beli tiket awal-awal haritu masa tengok Nanny McPhee.
even by the time we bought the ticket, most of the best seat were almost sold out.
we were just lucky. hee.

so, Eclipse huh?
what's great of this 3rd installment of the Twilight Saga?
i'm actually have not much good things to say about Eclipse.

i even called it as:
'Eclipse: The Kissing Movie'. haha.

tu je part yang menyampah sebnanye. hehe.

the rest, well.....

  1. i like the starting of the movie, masa logo Eclipse keluar. it was creepy. rasa macam tengok cerita hantu yang menyeramkan.

  2. Edward reti jealous- me like! hehe.

  3. i like the old Victoria (Rachelle Lefevre) than the new Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard). the old Victoria looked more mean & cruel & vicious. the new Victoria is pretty. macam tak kena je jadi jahat...

  4. Bella masih kaku, i think. the way she tried to seduce Edward is not that intense, you know what i mean?

  5. but then again, if i'm a 100++ years old male virgin vampire, i could probably just give in je la walau macam mana cara dingorat sekalipun. muahaha.

  6. tak berapa suka semua New Born sebab semua macam tak reti berlakon je (macam la saye reti berlakon kannnnn..? hehe)

  7. but i like Bree, tho. she looked like she was really scared of what's happening to her. i might probably get my hands on The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner tomorrow, btw ;)

  8. and ooh, i also like the scene where the New Born were coming out from the water. OMG, pasni rasa macam takut nak pergi mandi sungai/kolam/laut! haha. sangat poyo. ;p

  9. I love the flashback scenes too [Rosalie, The Wolfpack, Jasper ]! it was a bit short, but still, i think that's one of the strength of this movie besides the war between the New Born with The Cullens.

  10. The BEST scene (for me), was when The Cullens & The Wolfpack were chasing Victoria from The Cullens's land to the Wolves's land. i love it just the way i love the chased scene in New Moon.

  11. i didn't lie when i said about the warm feeling everytime i see Jacob. i was very cold and freezing in the cinema (memang selalu macam nih pun. sape yang selalu tengok movie dengan saye tau la macam mana keadaan saye kalau tengok movie malam2. kaki konfem naik atas kerusi. pastu pakai sweater & shawl. ) BUT, the freezing disappear each time Jacob came out and play ;) betul. tak tipu! terus rasa suam-suam gitu! psycho, right?ngeee~

  12. Music Score: Muse!Muse! Muse Forever! yeaaay! ^____^

For me, Eclipse was okay.
i don't care what people say, Twilight (1) is still my favourite of all.

because Eclipse (by far) is the most closest to the book, i'm generous enough to give this movie 3 stars (out of 5).

nway, enjoy this song! :)

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