small c, capital P.. Nanny McPhee Returns.

10:11 AM

i never see the first Nanny McPhee so obviously i dunno what to expect from this movie.
pergi tengok sebab ada orang ajak. and since i don't have anything to do, i agreed.
only this morning i managed to read review from RottenTomatoes - actually, i didnt read the review. i only saw the 89% and then taraaa! i was ready to go. he.

my p.o.v:

  • Funny and entertaining - IF u are a kid!

  • but i did enjoy it as well. setakat nak gelak-gelak boleh laaaa.. nak kata kelakar gegila, tak lah.

  • i LOVE that cute Vincent (the youngest). serious rasa macam nak buat jadi adik anak angkat. comellll sangatttttt! hehe.

  • ada anak bab* yang comel-comel.
    they reminded me of KC. he once said that pigs are adorable with the cute pinky nose (apa kah?). masa dia cakap tu, kitorang kat tepi pantai, camping di Tanjung Leman. dekat dengan pantai tu ada hutan. and he (as the program director at that time) advised us to not go near the hutan nearby sebab kata beliau "kawan-kawan aku yang comel ada kat situ (sambil buat bunyi bab*)" -> yer, beliau memang sengal dan mengong. haha

  • masih lagi pasal piglets; kalau anda nak tengok pigs yang boleh panjat pokok dan somersaults serta renang berirama, haa.. movie nih adalah sesuai untuk anda. *lol*

  • my favourite animal in this movie: Lil Elly the baby elephant. so cute! :D

the movie was okay, i guess.
fun and entertaining for kids, with all the magic and fireworks and the animals and the 5 moral values. but that was it.
i give 2 1/2 stars for this movie.

i'll update again if i can remember anything interesting about this movie.

till then. ciao! :)

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