too feminine..

10:45 PM

i am sooo happy!~
from now on, Too Femine from Etienne Aigner is gonna be my signature scent.
it's a love at first smell!

i loveee perfume..

because i love smelling good. ^__^

personally, i think a good fragrance tells a lot about you.

as for me,

i love floral fruity fragrance.

but i don't buy a lot of perfume, tho.
if i like one particular perfume, i'll buy the same perfume until i get sick of it.
and i also don't like to wear the same perfume as other people (my friends) sebab macam tak best je sama bau dengan orang lain. takder 'signature'. hee.
so yeah, i like to try new perfume instead of buying the one that already bought by my friend(s) .

for Anna Sui- Secret Wish.
first time bau perfume ni masa sleepover kat umah Olin (2007).
haa.. yang ini pun love at first smell.
ter'paksa' beli sebab sangat suka dengan bau nih.
lagipun, Olin & I live far from each other.. dan tak kerja satu office.
so why not?
beli je la, kan.. hehe~

below is my previous perfume list :-

not my perfume. Angah punya. bila balik saye selalu pakai perfume dia. walaupun tak suka bau nih (this scent is way too strong! ), tetap pakai juga sebab dulu sangat malas nak bawa balik perfume sendiri. hee.

Euphoria is not my fav perfume. but a lot of my collegues keep asking me about this perfume. hmm. i'm not sure why i don't like it. maybe because it was given by 'that jerk' kot. hehe.

saye pening dengan bau Idole.
i feel so 'ancient' after wearing this. T__T
not suitable with my personality (aku ade personality ke? haha)

sekian. terima kaseh.

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