ghost or no ghost in Ramadhan?

4:02 PM

There were only Chong (obviously bukan nama sebenar. he) and i in the training room yesterday.
it was around 5.00 pm, whereas most of our collegues already went back home earlier for berbuka puasa.
Chong was waiting for the traffic jam to be over, while me was waiting for someone to pick me up for berbuka puasa.

He saw Khaled Hosseini's A Thousand Splendid Suns (ATSS) on my desk and asked my opinion about the book.

i said it was an okay novel; that i like The Kite Runner more prolly because it's really a super heart-wrenching story compared to ATSS. ATSS pun best juga. tapi kurang la rasa sedihnya. i felt angry most of the time, macam tak sabar je nak tunggu bila laaaaa si Rasheed hawau tu nak mati. haha.

anyway, As Chong himself is also a bookworm, we talked about other famous authors and then we talked about movies. and yes, he's a movie junkie as well, so there.. we talked and we laughed about cool movies.. stupid movies.. kelakar movies, sengal movies.. yada yada and hadn't realized that time flies..


Our training room is located in a separate floor from the main office and it has been unoccupied for quite some times.
it's a big office;
complete with Meeting Rooms, Conference Rooms, office rooms, pantry and a surau.
and for this training,
we use only 1 Meeting Room.
and since it's unoccupied ever since last year (i think),
the surrounding is kinda creepy and spooky and a bit look like a scene from horror movie. huhu.
that's why i have never been alone in this floor after 5.30pm eversince i conducted a training in here 3 weeks ago.

so anyway,
that's why i was really glad when Chong said that he will teman me in the training room until 6pm.

yes, i know it's a bulan puasa.
but i've heard that only syaitan/iblis yang kena rantai. jin tak.
betul ke?
i'm not sure lah.
tapi sebab ada banyak bilik kosong kat floor yang menakutkan tu for few months, so i assumed ada laa makhluk lain yang 'tinggal'.
eventhough i had never experienced that 'hair stand on end' feeling,
but still......



it was already dark outside.
(KL hujan dengan lebatnya petang semalam)
and i don't know how we got off topic :

fyi, Chong is a penakut guy.
i think he is more penakut that i am.
we (my 'students' and I) always tease him for his penakutness. haha.

entah macam mana,
somehow i said to him,
"You know, you don't have to be so scared. muslim believes that there's no ghost during Ramadhan.."

Chong fell silent for awhile.


and suddenly he said,
"i don't mean to scare you, but this month is a Ghost Month for Chinese".

and he continued

"our next door neighbour died few days earlier"
"and last 2 nights, someone knocked my brother's room door, but when he opened it, nobody was there. i think that's our neighbour hantu lah."




it was my time to be silent.

tapi lepastu saye gelak-gelak (sebab nak cover takut. haha. tak ke sengal haku nih).
and asked him about the Ghost Month.

"Have you heard the 'All hell break loose' phrase? " he asked.
"yerp. in Supernatural.", I replied with a sheepish grin. ;p
"Okay. so Ghost Month is the month the ghosts get to be freed from hell. and we (the chinese) will burn something such as 'paper money' for them ".

"oh yeah. i know. i remember i saw in a movie, this one uncle burn a paper (or was it plastic?i can't remember) that looks like a scooter. and suddenly, this 1 hantu boy, gets that scooter! "

Chong laughed and he said yes. they do that giving things for the deceased so that the hantu-hantu will be happy.
and then i asked what's the money for? hantu pun shopping ke? hehe.
and he said, it's for 'bribing' so that cecepat hantu/roh boleh masuk syurga.
saya lupa pulak nak tanya bribe kat sapa. hmm, i'll ask him next Monday lah. ngee.

lepastu Chong buat jokes on how they won't 'give' the hantu 'handphone' because they afraid that the hantu will call them once the hantu gets handphone. haha. kelakar.

and another one,
they won't 'give' a 'car and a driver' because they afraid that they will 'become' the deceased's driver. hoho.

ada lagi jokes pasal 'gifts' nih, tapi saya dah tak ingat. huhu.

dan ada la lagi cerita pasal Hari Hantu ni, tapi saya tak sure sebab Chong sendiri pun tak sure pasal perayaan ni.
ouh btw, he's a Chinese yang tak reti cakap cina.
reti sikit-sikit je.
maybe because his family speaks English kot.
and sebab family dia family urban, so that's why macam tak berapa tau sangat pasal dorang nyer custom.

and he said, the Ghost Month is based on moon calendar.
so that's why sometimes it clashed with Muslim's Calendar.

anyway, thanks to Chong for making jokes, and accompanying me yesterday when everybody else went home.
ye la. orang lain puasa. dia je yang tak. so kena la temankan, ye tak? hehe.

thanks Chong!
don't scare-scare, ah!


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