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7:28 AM

i know i shouldn't do this, but i was bored..
so i browsed to this one download site *which i don't want to mention ;p * to download a movie..
i found what i was looking for.
mission accomplished.

but being the gatal-tangan me,
i clicked at that site's most downloaded e-book,
just to see what is the current most popular e-book..
and surprisingly,
i saw these:

*click the thumbnail for larger image*

i was flabbergasted and of course, couldn't be more than proud to see that people around the globe are downloading islamic reading materials.
*probably because of the holy month of Ramadhan*
i'm not saying that i'm supporting illegal download,okay (-_-")v
i'm just saying that, i thought i'd be seeing popular books written by, well..
say Dan Brown ke.. J.K Rowling ke.. Khaled Hosseini ke.. or maybe Nicholas Sparks ke.. or etc laaa..
but i was totally wrong.

anyway, as i scrolled down, one of the title caught my attention :

Stories of the Sahabah : Companion of Prophet.

and i don't know why,
but i was very stupid that i don't know what 'sahabah' is that i had to google it!
bila dah keluar list kat google, then only it hit me,
'la... Sahabah tu sahabat-sahabat Rasulullah (s.a.w) rupanya..'
it's an Arab word for Prophet PBUH's companion!
i thought it was someone's name (masa zaman Nabi S.A.W) that i'm not aware of.
Definition of Sahabah from Wikipedia:

In Islam, the Ṣaḥābah (Arabic: الصحابة‎, Ṣaḥābeh, "Companions") were the companions of the Islamic prophet Muḥammad.This form is plural; the singular is masculine ṣaḥābiyy, feminine ṣaḥābiyyah.

The most widespread definition of a companion is someone who saw Muhammad pbuh, believed in him and died a Muslim. Those that saw him but held off believing in him until after his passing are not considered Sahaba but Tabi`in.

and then, i browsed to this site that i think is kinda cool, as it has short stories of the Sahabah..
and in the front page, it has 'a flipped book' (flash) and has a voice (narrator) that tells the early story of the Sahabah..

and here is the story...

sedih kan..
brave heart..

you can go here for further reading :)

i get confused when i read this.
i thought there's no jews ever converted to Muslim..

hmm.. perlu buat research nih..

i'm sorry i haven't posted any entry on Jejak Rasul 2010.
i still couldn't find the right words to write..
pastu lama-lama macam dah lupa sikit-sikit.
you know what they say laaa kan,
procrastination is the thief of time..

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