Monday, August 9, 2010

LOMO at Pudu Jail

i was walking pass by 'the late' Pudu Jail yesterday when i was stopped by this:


apparently, there was an event held by the lomokids last weekend
in which,
they pasted lomo pictures on this Pudu Jail wall.

fish eye

hey, i know this guy!
he and his wife yang crazy over lomo tu kan?
i remember how i was impressed with their wedding dais, using lomo pictures as the backdrop.
kagum. kagum.


you know what,
i always love lomography.
i love beautiful and abstract pictures.
and obviously..

i love art.

eventhough i don't have any talent in art, doesn't mean i can't appreciate beautiful things right?

this is Atie, peneman masa pergi Rantai Art, 2007.
during this time, Ati was a trainee student from UTP.
alolor ciannya.. kena buli temankan kakak opis pergi tengok art ek.hehe~
* now dah jadik engineer kat sini dah pun. tapi masih lagi kadang-kadang dibuli. hee *

and this was me, during Rantai at Jaya One.

i have a lomo camera, cap ayam.
i took it to Sipadan Island.
tapi sampai sekarang tak cuci lagi gambar.
tak tahu la apa dah jadi dengan gambar2 tu semua.


Md. Naswardi said...

nk jugak lomocam...

{ miss ttjl } said...

beli la... beli 2 taw. 1 utk yu, 1 lagi utk ai. hehehe~

Md. Naswardi said...

nak beli tang mn??