Run Forrest Run! at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

11:16 PM

it has been awhile that i haven't posted any entry on Dining Outside and movie review.

i was busy and also.. * cough* well, *cough* just blame it to the lazy hormone. hee.

so anyway,
i went to see Avatar: The Last Airbender in 3D the other day at One Utama.
haha. jauh gila tengok movie.
it was okay.
personally, i love the cartoon more.
(dulu selalu tengok Avatar dengan Haziq sebab dia yang control remote. huhu)
and i think, it a waste of money to watch it in 3D.
i won't write review about this movie. maybe later, if i'm rajin la. hehe.
but i just wanna say,i like the Airbender's CGI effect (Aang).
it looks 'natural'.
except towards the end of the movie tu nampak fake la pulak. huhu.

The movie finished around 6ish pm.
went to have 'light' iftar at Paddington House of Pancakes as we're going to the Curve later after Maghrib.
Hmm.. i love pancakes.
i know it's a simple breakfast food, but i just love pancakes and don't ask me why.
honestly, compared to Dome, i prefer Dome's pancake.
simple and scrumptious! while the Paddington's.. well...
Pancakes becomes a complicated meal in here.but then again, it's house of pancakes.
of course there're varieties of pancakes in here.
maybe someday i'll try something much more simpler than the one that i had yesterday.

After Maghrib,we went to the Curve to have heavy meal
*and because someone has been craving over Buba Gump's shrimp and the ice-cream. hm. *
so our stop is: Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

*note: please excuse below images. i never thought that i'll blog about this before as i was sooo lazy these past few months to mumble about food and movies. ngeee~ *

we choose to sit outside because...

semata-mata nak dengar live band kat luar. hehehe.
*oii ni bulan puasa laaa.. ade ke patut dengar live band. da ler tak gi terawih. iskh3*

the menu

here is what interesting:

you don't have to call or wave or "whistle" to the waiter,
instead, all you have to do is to flip this 'license plate's sign:

the waiter will attend you and will flip back the menu if all is well.

nice, huh?

btw, for those who familiar with that 'Run Forrest Run' and 'Stop Forrest Stop' phrase,
it's because this restaurant's theme is based from the famous Forrest Gump movie.
so that is another interesting fact why this restaurant is a must go!

we had this for dinner:

"...Of Course We Have Scampi!"


Choc Mud Pie ke apa ntah namanya. tak ingat. huhu~

aik. makan tu je..??
saye kenyang lagi masa nih so share je la.
besides, the portion is so big. even if i'm starving, i don't think i can finish it all by myself.
lagipun saye tak boleh makan udang.
allergic :(

the food is delicious!!!
pasta tu sedap. chocolate tu lagiiiiii la sedap gila.
apa la malang perut masih kenyang lepas makan pancake.

tiba-tiba rasa lapar pulak. haisk.

Bubba Gump is located here:

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.
The Curve,
Lot 145, 1st Floor, No. 6, Jalan PJU 7/3
Mutiara Damansara, 47800, Petaling Jaya
Telephone No : 03-7710 9862 and 03-7710 9863
Fax No : 03-7710 9864

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