vain and pray

1:29 AM

i realized that i left my 'beauty stuff'
(which only consist of moisturizer & compact powder,fyi. *lol*)

at the office only this morning.

and to my horror, my other moisturizer has finished and that left me with no other choice than to go to work with naked face.

so yeah.

i was kind of freak out this morning. dang.

nasib baik la muka haku nih jenis ok;
takder jerawat whatsoever so i used eye-liner & mascara
to avoid that 'baru-bangun-tido-muka-macam-tak-mandi' face. haha.

it's not that i've never not wearing any make-up to office before.
but that's different la sebab tu selalu lepas solat.
so tak kesa la takder pakai bedak ke ape ke kan.

i haven't update entry on Cacuk & Farra reception also because of the same thing happened.

well, not exactly. but sort of.
i left my thingy in the car.
lepas solat maghrib baru perasan.
and because of we were already late by that time
(solat maghrib pukul 8.20pm camtu sebab sesat kat Putrajaya. haha),

saya pun redha jeeeee laaaaa..
lagipun orang lain yang kawen kannnnnnn..
so diri sendiri tak cun pun takpe lah...
*ayat pasrah sedapkan hati sendiri*.
pakai eyeliner je sebab yang tu je yang ada dalam handbag.

* the fat naked face =p *

vain kan? haha.
saper follow blog nih memang tau la betapa tak suka nya saya mencapubkan muka saya sorang-sorang kat blog.
selalunya saya akan smudgekan area muka.
this time sengaja tayang sebab kena masukkan diary dalam TTJL:

Day 2
wearing big-eyes contact lens.


ye lah.
selama ni dah bertahun-tahun pakai contact lens colour grey.
kali ni tukar style (ceh!) la pulak.
cuba try test warna Smokey Secret Black.
dan memandangkan macam ramai je yang puji (bangga dowh. haha),
maka keberangkalian saya tidak akan kembali bertukar ke grey contact lens
adalah tinggi.

ok fine. tipu je.
maybe sekali sekala akan pakai colour grey semula kot.

on the other note,
i went to Gleneagles to visit my cuzzie today.
tapi sebab tadi sangat ramai collegues dia yang datang, so i haven't got the chance to see her.
she's in ICU, btw.
i don't know what exactly happened.
what i heard, she collapsed during a meeting and later admitted to the hospital.
and starting last night, she's in coma.
at first, doc thought that it was caused my dengue.
but turned out, it was something else.
something to do with brain.
someone said that her blood vessel burst.
and as she had migrain for years so maybe that migrain triggered to the burst kot.
entah la. i'm not so sure about this.

agak sedih la jugak..
eventho kitorang tak close langsung
(prolly because of age different. her eldest sisters is the same age as my mum.)

i guess i'm sad because she's still young.
her eldest son is still on training (pilot) and she has other sons that are still young as well.

i pray and i hope she's getting better.


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