Thursday, September 30, 2010

kejadian 30 September

which one is better?

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet,
And so are you!


Roses are red,
violets are blue,
Love never crossed my mind,
until the day that I met you..

i couldn't remember how receiving a bouquet of flower can really makes my day.
when was the last time i got flower(s)..?
i think it was like.. years ago..
and no.
it wasn't given by that cheating bastard jerk, of course.
it's from someone else.

i'm not really fond with the idea of having flowers as a birthday gift.
i mean,
hello.. flower dies kottt..

TAPI kan,
i also won't deny it;
to receive a bouquet of flower from someone does makes me feel..
erm.. special..?

and ohhh how i love the smell!
the sweet roses..
bikin cairrr!!

so anyway,
while i was doing my work yesterday,
i got a call from our Receptionist-telling me that there's a flower delivery for me.
and i was like;
"Huh?Who? Me..?"

ye la kan..
mana tau kot-kot salah orang ke..
nervous pulak haku time nak pergi ke Front Desk.
dalam hati asek kata;
"mati la sape la yang pedajal haku hantar bunga kat opish nih. abes lah kena gossip. abes lah orang kata haku ader boifren pasnih. abes lah takde orang ngorat.. blablabla.."

sengal je kan..?
sampai je,
The Receptionist handed me over the bouquet and suddenly my heart melt.
walhal sumpah tatau sape yang bagi!

and then i didn't know where to hide the flower,
so i put it under my desk.

tu pun macam ramai je nampak.
pastu sumer sibuk tanya sapa bagi..
they don't know it was my birthday that day.
so-called friend, huh! =p

i can't guess who is the sender,
as i don't have any special/close/official relationship with anyone at the time being.

i'm freakin' twenty-eight and still single.
call me all you want.

i did call the florist to ask about the sender,
but she didn't tell me who- she mentioned about privacy policy or something something.

okay jugak haku tatau.
takut kalau tau nanti lagi kecewa.
serious keji.
tak sedar diri dah jadi old spinster. tskk.

oh by the way,
to the sender,
(i knowwww you are reading this! kot. hehe)
thank you sooo much!
i was really over the moon yesterday.
heck, i'm still in a very good mood today.

HaPpY! Happy! hAPPy!

just stay put.
u don't have to tell me who you are.
i think it's better that way.
jangan marahhhh okay.

semalam masa sampai rumah,
sekuntum dah kembang.
i loikeeee!

just so you know, my favourite are Tulips and White Lilies.
but i love the smell of roses too..


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the spinster ..?

from L-R:
stand: Mak Imah (my baby sitter/mak angkat), ME & Mom
front: Kak Su & Kak Ana (Mak Imah's daughter)

30 September 1984.

i was 2 years young..

Happy Birthday to me!

Thank You ALLAH...
for the amazing, blessing & wonderful years that you have given to me..

*will update later. today is so much fun! :) *

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

paling comel

i'm in a bad mood today.
wanted to rant about w*rk,
but naahh, i think i'll skip that.
nanti lagi bertambah sakit hati.. dah la tengah posa.. * sobs*
sabar je la..

found this *see below* in my thumb drive,
terus tersengih sorang-sorang macam minah senget.

yea i know i'm one crazy woman.
siap capture scene okay. haha.
i wanted to blog about something from this drama, actually.
but maybe later (tak tahu lah bila 'later' saya tu, kannn. hee.)

here is one (of the many) of my fav. moment in Fullhouse..
scene-scene terakhir.
saye sukaaaaa!


note :
click the thumbnail image for larger view

Young Jae demam. tapi nak pergi camping jugak .
so Je Eun pujuk mamat yang kuat merajuk nih dengan camping di belakang rumah.

and suddenly, he proposed..
comei gila~!!

dulu masa first time tengok drama ni, subtitle: English.
tapi ni sebab beli vcd original, so translation agak pelik sikit.

haha. sengal.

sungguh rasa mahu menangis juga~

Happy Ending!!!~



Monday, September 27, 2010

freezing the time

our adik-beradik used to be only 4.
anywhere and everywhere we go, people will notice the '4 Nurul'.
we wear the same baju, the same scarf - macam boria.
*tak rela post gambar kat sini. Epie, sila take note*

above pix were taken during Family Day in year 1993.
me and Angah took part in Pakaian Beragam Competition.
Angah got 3rd place. me dapat saguhati saje. huhu. hampagas tul~

and then we grow up..

12 years gone by in a blink of eyes,
from Kuantan, we moved to Melaka.

and tadaaaaa..
we have new generation adding up to our what used to be a small family. (small ke? ngeee)
no more 4 Nurul, now we have Hang Tuah in the family.
and then came another Nurul..
and finally another 'Hang'.

since the other 4 Kakaks are busy with school, matriculation, university and stuff,
the 3 younger generation are the ones that keep our parents busy.

busy ke nih..??
asek berjalan je merata-rata.
holiday sana-sini. huhu~

untung betul budak-budak kecik nih.
kecik-kecik lagi dah pegi pulau sana-sini.. snorkeling sana-sini.. traveling sana-sini.
kalau orang yang tak kenal,
misti terkejut bila tau si kecik- si kecik nih sebenarnya ada 4 older kakaks.

(older??? waahhh! i feel so rambut beruban oredi. cis.)

but now si kecik-si kecik dah remaja (except Haziq),
sungguh tak best.

i miss the times when they were still kids.
running in Aspuri, looking for their Along for weekly visit.

i miss the times when they were still in diapers,
and us, the 3 Kakaks (the 4th Kakak kecik lagi masa nih)
will take turns
to change their diapers or to buat susu or to feed them.

Abang & Kakak

Me & Haziq
(pix were taken before going back to uni)

ehhh.. ada gambar sesat.
Epie & Angah, 1987

kadang-kadang kitorang siap one,two,j us lagi to take turns.
dasar pemalas.
(ok now dah rasa tak miss pulak zaman kena change diapers tu. huahuahua)

But now,
they grow up so fast...
...that sometimes i wish time would stop..

Sunday, September 26, 2010

reminisce of Ramadhan zaman Dinosour

ok.ok. not zaman Dinosour of course. xD


i was looking through an old album to find a picture of me & Nana when i stumbled upon these:

L-R (muka katun):
Mama, Epie, Eka & Yours Truly :)

penyibuk :
Abang & Jiya (rasanya masa ni Haziq belum wujud lagi kot. hehe)

that was.. err.... ages ago.

i couldn't remember when.
our family have our very own signature Raya Cookie : Mama Carries.
and i've been making Mama Carries eversince i was 13 years old. (when my mom was pregnant).

bukan Mama Carries je la.
ada few others juga, tapi Mama Carries tu wajib.
saaaaaaangat la banyak adunan yang kena buat sebab kena bagi kat makcik-makcik yang lain.
penatttt okeh.
dari pagi sampai ke petang sampai ke malam.
siap sambung lepas sahur pun pernah.

yang kena bersekang mata buat kuih raya is me & Angah.
pastu bila epie dah besar sket, baru la dia tolong-tolong kitorang.

adik-adik yang lain?
dorang tolong juga,

this picture is the reason why i blog about this.
comel gila Jiya -> muka kantoi makan coklat ;p .
ni masa buat Almond London.
ada lebihan cooking chocolate, so bagi je la dia makan.
tau je la budak-budak kan.. pantang nampak coklat ;p

i think the last time i made kuih raya, when i was a final year student.
that was around 5 years ago.
and we haven't made any kuih raya since then.

my mom jadi dealer kuih raya kat opish,
so dia kata tak payah dah susahkan diri nak buat kuih raya bagai.
"kita buat kuih tunjuk sudah", kata beliau.
dan saye rasa sangat best! haha.

tapi kan,
lama-lama rasa tak best pula.
it feels weird bila tak buat kuih raya.
macam tak meriah dan rasa ada kekurangan sket di situ.
especially bila dah lama gila tak rasa Mama Carries..

yang ada kat pasaran, rasanya kureng sket..
(ceh bajet air tangan sendiri best. wek =p )

i think next year i'm gonna make Mama Carries.



niat di hati nak cari gambar me & Nana. tapi lepas jumpa gambar-gambar lama yang lain, terus terlupa gambar Nana. heee. my bad. album gambar kat rumah kitorang banyak gilaaaa. malas kot nak tengok satu-satu. haisk.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

i scream.. ice cream!!!

someone has been craving for one of the TGI's Friday ice cream (or was it a chocolate cake? ).
Being me..
well.. i don't usually go to that kind of place.

i knowwwww..
some or probably most of you would think that i'm kampung girl.. and very the kolot one pulak tu kan, that's why laa tak menjejakkan kaki ke tempat sebegitu.
hmm.. maybe you're right...

but the truth is,
i don't mind being call as kolot or kampung or whatever.
it's just that, i'm not comfortable going and eating to a place that serve beer, wine and stuff.

i'll be asking 'halal ke tak nih?' from the moment i step in until balik.
and you people yang ajak me makan together-gether nanti misti rasa saya sangat annoying. hihi~
even my collegues pun dah tau pasal perangai saye yang satu ni,
that everytime we went for eating outside,
nobody would suggest to go to these kind of restaurant if i was there.

(sila sebut dengan nada ala Barney Stinson)

yes. yes.
i've been to Chilis too.
and the Bubba Gump.
sama je.
but hello..
i've never eaten anything EXCEPT for the desserts.
tu je.

so anyway,
i went to TGI Friday's Wangsa Maju the other day.

ooh. the Cajun Fried Chicken Salad looks delicious!!

but i didn't order that of course,
since i'm very quite particular about the halal and non-halal food.
maka desserts aje lah yang berani saya order.

i order apa eyh?
tak order pun.
i let the other person yang decide sebab dia yang mengidam sangat nak makan ice cream TGI's.

dia order:
1) Brownie Obsession

2) Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie
(no picture available sebab selamat dah masuk dalam perut ;p)

komen saya:
manis gilaaaaa kottt kedua-dua desserts tu!
saye makan sampai mabuk!

i mean,
saye makan sampai pening.
like seriously pening macam hangover!
(eh macam mana kau tau pening hangover macam tu? kehkeh)
pastu rasa macam nak demam.

sampai rumah terus tidur sebab kemabukan yang terlampau.


FYI, compared to chocolate,
i love ICE CREAM more.
bila stress je cari ice cream.
my favourite dulu, kini dan selamanya is Gelato Fruity or Lecka-Lecka.
i love the taste and the texture.
rasa fresh sangat.
not like any other ice cream's brand.
tak terlalu manis. just nice.

now i feel like i wanna go out and buy the Gelato.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Still, a girl should have a ring..

several months ago, a friend of mine suggested that i should see Letters To Juliet.

i asked him "why?"
and he said, "it's a sweet movie..."

*he paused for a while and continued*

"...i wish one day i could be with HER. i hope one day OUR path will meet again. i hope WE could be together again. like in that movie.. even when we both old."

i was speechless..


... and i didn't watch that movie.
not because i didn't want to, but i'm not comfortable seeing a love/hopeless romantic movie with my friends- tak kira la laki ke, perempuan ke.. genre lain boleh, but not romantic movie.

besides, like i've said so many times before, cheesy movie is not really my cup of tea.
The idea of 'happily ever after' is kind of.. urm.. lame?
it's too good to be true..

(tapi kalau romantic-comedy tu okay la sebab selalu nya cerita macam tu kan kelakar. love-hate relationship yang sengal tu memang one of my favourite la. hehe.)

so anyway,
i watched Letters to Juliet last night.

my opinion :

I'm sorry, but deng,
it was awful!!!
nasib baik la tak tengok kat wayang. huhu~

the only thing that i like about this movie is the fascinating view of Italy (Verona & Tuscany)
you know how i always love road-trip kind of movie, right?
(refer here and here)
so this is the ONE and ONLY reason that's keeping me seeing this movie until the credits roll-out.
and seriously,
i REALLY WANNA go to Italy!!!!!!!

and another thing,
i never knew such thing as Secretaries of Juliet is actually exist in this world.
and it's kind of interesting.
makes me wanna go there and try to write a letter to Juliet(s) too.
wonder what will they reply to my "Dear Juliet, Where's my Romeo? bla..bla..bla.." question.
poyo. ;p

pastu kan, i wanna write in Malay.
biau pening kepala dorang cari dalam kamus apakah yang saye bebelkan dalam surat tersebut.
yer saye sangat keji. ngee.

i give 2 stars for the movie just because:
1- i love the breathtaking scenery. not the storyline.
2- i love the soundtrack too (Colbie Caillat & Taylor Swift. Me like!! hee).

the rest; sucks.

//i'm not much of a believer, am I?

i hate that self-centered jerk (Sophie's fiance).
doing business while you're on vacation and letting your fiancee to be on her own is totally not cool. remember that.

1, and 2.. and 1,2,3... Jump!!

below pictures were taken during Eid (3rd of Syawal).

Haziq: Abang, jom kita amek gambar lompat jom.
Abang: okay. Haziq dok kat depan. abang kat belakang tau
Me: okay. ready. Along kira sampai tiga, pastu lompat tau.
Abang & Haziq : OK.

Abang belum lompat, Haziq dah selamat kat atas tanah balik. haha.

Abang: Haziq lompat dari kolam nih la. tinggi sikit.
Haziq: Ok.

Second attempt : FAIL.

"Haziq, Terer tak Abang? ",*berlagak grin*

"Eleh, Haziq pun terer jugak laa. tengok nih."

"Tak.. Abang laaaaaagi HEBAT taw"

"Tak herannnnnn" :p

Me: "Ler... Along suh lompat laa.. bukannya lumba lari. adeihh."

"Adui Haziq ni. tak dengar arahan la. huhu~ "


ok. ok. macam nih laa.
bila Along kira sampai 2, Abang jump dulu sebab Abang lagi tinggi.
Bila sampai 3, baru Haziq jump, okeh.

Them: OK Bos!

this is my favourite picture. kelakar gila muka Haziq. haha


berjaya juga akhirnya.
eventhough it's not perfect, tapi bolehhh la... kan..?

Dah, jom masuk minum air.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

your lucky ring stinks!

so i just got back from watching The Toothless Heroes.

oh wait.

that's not the title.

it's actually, The Expendables.

my review:

  • good guys vs bad guys. same 'ol, same 'ol

  • story line agak messy.

  • a guy try to rescue a girl he just met. hmm, there's always a girl, isn't it? again, same 'ol, same'ol.

  • full of fighting scene,and super massive black hole explosion. guys would love this.

  • bersepah-sepah orang mati kena tetak. kepala putus. badan terbelah. eeeurghhh! gory movie, i hate!huhu~

  • Jet Li: macam pelakon tambahan je. dialog tak banyak. towards the end of the movie je baru dia kuar. huhu~

  • Lame jokes pun bersepah.

  • walaupun lame jokes, tapi saye tetap gelak la jugak kan... haha.

  • scene that i like:
    i) when Jason shot the orang jahat upside down, camera pun upside down. niceeee!

    ii)Jason showered the bad guys with grease, and then he fired them. habih meletup-letup!

banyak juga funny lines. tapi antara yang kelakar, masa nih:

Trench: Arnold SusahNakEja
Church: Bruce Willis
Barney Ross:Sylvester 'Rambo' Stallone


Trench: Well, I'm busy right now. So give this job to my friend here. He loves playing in the jungle, right?
Barney Ross: [sarcastically] Right.
Mr. Church: [Uncertain] That's right.

Trench: [to Barney] Hey, how about dinner?
Barney Ross: Yeah, when?
Trench: In a thousand years?
Barney Ross: Too soon.

[Trench walks off]
Mr. Church: [Confused; about Trench] What's his fucking problem?
Barney Ross: He wants to be president.

copy from imdb.

sangat sengal, okay.
in fact, the first time i see Arnie, saye dah gelak-gelak sebab mula-mula nampak bayang macam ala Terminator.
pastu ayat last sekali "He wants to be president" tu, memang buat saye bantai gelak. huahuahua.

this entry's title is a quote from The Expandables too.

all in all,
movie nih bolei laaaa..
takde lah best sangat.
entertaining wise, i give 3 stars.
storyline wise, i give 2 stars.

sekejap je dah rindu balik. *sigh*

*republish entry. it's supposed to be in a draft. tapi tadi tertekan publish. heh*

it has been awhile since the last time i watched Korean drama.. or any love and relationship drama.
i used to be 'kipas-susah-mati' J-Drama & K-Drama when i was still an undergrad. that was around 2001-2006.
i even took Japanese Language class for fun.
yerp. for fun. tak masuk credit, ok. saja suka-suka.
Frech class takde. Korean pun takde. so Japanese it is -> tu pun sebab terpengaruh tengok Naruto & sebab suka Takuya Kimura. haha xD

i haven't watched love drama eversince 2007. why? well, i'm not that strong enough..
whoever follow this blog since 2006 would know why.. :(

tau je la kan. kalau dah drama tu, esp K-Drama, mesti ada kelakar dan mesti ada part yang sedih gila vavi.
i couldn't bear to watch that 'sedih gila vavi' part. masih terasa lagi........ *sigh*
(tapi bolei je layan cerita oramputih. Korean je yang saye tak boleh. huhu)

tapi kan,
i don't know know why,
last week i kinda miss Rain. miss him A LOT. adoi.
saye pun tak paham kenapa kah.
kadang-kadang suka beliau. kadang-kadang benci gila.->walhal Rain tak kenal aku kot ;p

so i decided to buy Full House vcd. heee.

FYI, the last time i watched this drama, was 5 years ago.
And now, aduhhhhh..
jatuh cinta sekali lagi!
malam tadi baru selesai marathon kesemua 16 episod. ngee~

suka dengan love hate relationship between Je Eun & Young Jae yang ego gila babas tu.
suka dengan Je Eun yang comel dan baik hati.
suka dengan ke'caring'an Young Jae.. *bikin cairrrrr wooo*
dan kali nih masih tetap sama dengan 5 tahun yang lepas,
tiap kali kuar je si Hye Won tu, i keep saying;
"Hye Won : You Bitch!!! i hate you!!!"

i know. sangat over, kan?
saye memang cepat emo when it comes to love triangle ;p

like i said, now that i've finished watching Full House, i miss it again.
nak tengok balik, tapi macam apekesengal la nak ulang balik all those 16 episodes kot.
nih pun mata dah bengkak sebab tak cukup tidur. huhu.

so pasnih nak tengok semula drama My Girl.
nak kena cari balik dalam hardisk. huhu~

btw, between Young Jae and Gong Chan,
i know most people think that i'll pick Young Jae (Rain),

but i'm sorry, Gong Chan win my heart.
he's too good looking to resist!!!!!