.. Anneh, the movie date and MASIF 2010 Fashion Show ..

4:08 PM

Anneh (haha. suka-suki je bagi nama) came to KL last Friday to attend his cousin's wedding.
it's been a while we haven't seen each other, that he decided to come and see me to fill his time here.
hmm.. the last time i saw him was in 2007.
he hadn't changed that much.
dia perasan muda pulak tu. ceh

he came to GE on Friday to fetch me.
MJ and few other collegues saw us, so i have to bersedia dengan soalan2 cepumas kat office this Monday. huhu~

ye la kan.
i'm single. never had any gossip
(okay la. ada la jugak. tapi setakat gossip main-main je)
so when they finally saw me with some other guy.. well... this gonna be HUGE for them.

btw, Anneh is one of my best buddy during university years.
so please, no xoxo, okay? :)

we went out for wedding prezzie hunting - one of my fav things to do. hehe
and then i took him to have dinner at Naili's. tu je paling dekat dan senang since he's rushing to go back home for.. err.. apertah. tak ingat pasai apa. hee.

The next day (Saturday, 18 September 2010),
we went out to Pavilion as the day before he kept saying that he never been there.
as the most baik hati and comel-est friend ever (hihi),
how can i say no? layan kan ajeeee~ ;)

sampai sana, terus cari tiket.
i wanna see Step Up 3D, but the show started late, so we decided to see Grown Up.

you know,
i always hate Adam Sandler's movie.
i know most of you find him funny, entertaining and whatnot,
but not me.
entah la. tak boleh blah dengan movie-movie dia. *sigh*

but anyway,
Surprisingly, Grown Up was okay.
it had bad review from the critics.
and for me, yeah.. the movie is still sucks.. poyo.. cliche.
all i want is to have a good laugh with an old friend
(dia memang dah tua, okeh. a year older than me is still considered old. haha)
and that movie remind me of us and our friends.
and the time we had when were err.. young..? *haha*
those times when we went camping, mountain climbing, outing and most of everything together.

so, in other words,
i watched that movie with the right person at the right time.
and i'm glad for that :)


the movie finished around 7ish pm.
turun bawah sebab tengok ada fashion show (MASIF 2010) and i suddenly remembered that my cousin will be there for his design as well.

saw a few glam artist and VIPs (socialites), that i couldn't remember their names btw. ;p

the show started around 8.30pm, i think.
the host was Yasmin Yusoff- she's aginggggg, but i think she looks lovely in her dress.

saw a lot of good designs.
my favourite is always Rizman Ruzaini (apart from Cosry and Jovian Mandagie of course!).
i love Zang Toi's & Calvin Thoo's too!
the colour combination sangat cantikssss~!
there were few more, but i just couldn't remember who is who, except for this one designer
(i dont want to mention his name, though);
i personally think that his designs looks like a copycat from Rizalman.
like, W.T.H??

another thing yang best,
while the models were on the runway, ada penyanyi perform juga.
ada from Thailand, Philiphine, Indonesia and Malaysia's very own Khadijah Ibrahim.

My favourite?
there's this guy who played the violin.
he played some sort of traditional music that night.
macam ala-ala zapin. and the singer was Khadijah Ibrahim.
me likeyyy!
sukaaaaaa sangat-sangat!

we stayed for the fashion show until it was over.
thank goodness laa i went there with Anneh.. sebab dia memang dari dulu rajen melayan 'adik-adiknya'. hehehe~
well, one of the reason why i dont mind going out with him cos he knows stuff. like, a lot of stuff.
(and ooh, he was a design student.)
so takde la saye rasa macam pergi tengok fashion show sorang-sorang.
at least, bila macam terlupa sapekah nama certain model, i have him to tell me who is who. he.

tapi dia takder ar terer sangat.
ada ke patut masa Khadijah Ibrahim was behind us,
he asked me, "eh sape nama pengacara tv3 nih?"
i was like "pengacara tv3 who..?tu Khadijah Ibrahim laaaaa"

* i will update the pictures later. insya Allah~ *

sorry for the very poor image.
i didn't bring my camera.
only used my 3.0 mp camera-phone. no flash. no auto focus. no zoom.. *sigh*

nampak macam amek gambar nih sendiri.
but it's not.

here is the 'cameraman' ;)




ahahahhaha. gambar telah dicrop. lariiiiii~!

what's with that smile???
it doesnt look like a smile at all~!!


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