..finding spa in Melaka..

11:16 PM

i am in a serious need of a good massage!
i'm not kidding!

ever since this past couple of month,
i've been very tired doing this job, which is not mine.
i hafto take over someone's job..
dah tahap pening nak muntah sakit kepala tension semua ada.
ye la kan, doing somebody else's work..
dah la dah lama tak play around dengan database..
the good thing is, now am getting good at it *the database*.

but still,
i really need a good rest.
i was thinking to go to an island.
aritu nak pergi, tapi tak sempat sebab dah puasa.
and then i thought of going after Raya,
tapi confirm by the time nak pergi holiday, i'm totally broke for all those ang-pow raya giving.
*kenapeeee la haku ade ramai sedara mara nih? adeiih..*

so, now..
since kita pun tinggal lagi beberapa hari nak raya, i'm thinking to go to a spa.


ingat orang kawen-kawen je ke boleh pergi spa??


the first and the last spa i EVER been, was when in Bali.
and that was like, what.. 3 years ago?
dah la tak best.
lemah gemalai.
pastu siap rasa macam kena molested pun ada.

enough whining.

i googled to find any good and most importantly, affordable spa in Melaka.
here what i found:

1) Philea Resort & Spa, Ayer Keroh.

i've been thinking to find more about this spa eversince the first time i laid my eyes on the unique signboard few months back.

see how gorgeous this place is?

i'm sure the price pun confirm gorgeous juga kannnn.. haha.

so, i should strike this out of my list.

2) The Majestic Malacca.

you know la how i loveeeees anything historical kan?
so for me, this place is amazing!
it's like, back to the ancient time.
*teringat cerita Mr. Vampire yang baru saya tonton last few weeks. citer tu kan citer zaman dulu-dulu. hehe*
suka sangat!
memandangkan Majestic Malacca nih pun macam sangat marvelous, i'm sure their package is beyond my budget.

oh heck, let's see their Spa Package.
who knows, it might be cheaper than what i thought.

see their spa menu?
alamak... nama dah shiook,
but errr.. the ingredient is kinda..err, euww..?

see the price? manyak shiookkk juga maaa!

3) Hotel Puri, Melaka

haa... this one is quite affordable, i think.
you can view the price list here.

4) Hotel Seri Costa Melaka

this one is my choice.
the place is quite nice
*berdasarkan gambar la.. tatau la in real macam mana*
murah pun murah.
tapi tak tau la sempat pergi ke tak..
because i will only be in Melaka 3 days before raya (insya Allah).

and shhh!
my mom can not knows about this,
cause if she does, i'm a dead-meat!
kata beliau nanti,
"membazirkan duet je keje.."

by the way,
i stumbled upon this Andak Spa in various site, but i couldn't find their official website.

does anyone knows anything about this spa?
i think i should check this one out too.
Andak Spa image is downloaded from http://malaynea.fotopages.com/

ooh. Andak Spa is for men only. haha.

oh yeah.
there's another one: Tea Tree Spa, in Holiday Inn.
tapi takde price list.
i think, the price must be the same (plus minus) with Majestic Malacca kot.

so that's it.
i hope i could find time to go for a spa treatment before Raya.
baru la syioookkkk raya!

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