freezing the time

2:09 AM

our adik-beradik used to be only 4.
anywhere and everywhere we go, people will notice the '4 Nurul'.
we wear the same baju, the same scarf - macam boria.
*tak rela post gambar kat sini. Epie, sila take note*

above pix were taken during Family Day in year 1993.
me and Angah took part in Pakaian Beragam Competition.
Angah got 3rd place. me dapat saguhati saje. huhu. hampagas tul~

and then we grow up..

12 years gone by in a blink of eyes,
from Kuantan, we moved to Melaka.

and tadaaaaa..
we have new generation adding up to our what used to be a small family. (small ke? ngeee)
no more 4 Nurul, now we have Hang Tuah in the family.
and then came another Nurul..
and finally another 'Hang'.

since the other 4 Kakaks are busy with school, matriculation, university and stuff,
the 3 younger generation are the ones that keep our parents busy.

busy ke nih..??
asek berjalan je merata-rata.
holiday sana-sini. huhu~

untung betul budak-budak kecik nih.
kecik-kecik lagi dah pegi pulau sana-sini.. snorkeling sana-sini.. traveling sana-sini.
kalau orang yang tak kenal,
misti terkejut bila tau si kecik- si kecik nih sebenarnya ada 4 older kakaks.

(older??? waahhh! i feel so rambut beruban oredi. cis.)

but now si kecik-si kecik dah remaja (except Haziq),
sungguh tak best.

i miss the times when they were still kids.
running in Aspuri, looking for their Along for weekly visit.

i miss the times when they were still in diapers,
and us, the 3 Kakaks (the 4th Kakak kecik lagi masa nih)
will take turns
to change their diapers or to buat susu or to feed them.

Abang & Kakak

Me & Haziq
(pix were taken before going back to uni)

ehhh.. ada gambar sesat.
Epie & Angah, 1987

kadang-kadang kitorang siap one,two,j us lagi to take turns.
dasar pemalas.
(ok now dah rasa tak miss pulak zaman kena change diapers tu. huahuahua)

But now,
they grow up so fast...
...that sometimes i wish time would stop..

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