i scream.. ice cream!!!

7:45 AM

someone has been craving for one of the TGI's Friday ice cream (or was it a chocolate cake? ).

Being me..
well.. i don't usually go to that kind of place.

i knowwwww..
some or probably most of you would think that i'm kampung girl.. and very the kolot one pulak tu kan, that's why laa tak menjejakkan kaki ke tempat sebegitu.
hmm.. maybe you're right...

but the truth is,
i don't mind being call as kolot or kampung or whatever.
it's just that, i'm not comfortable going and eating to a place that serve beer, wine and stuff.

i'll be asking 'halal ke tak nih?' from the moment i step in until balik.
and you people yang ajak me makan together-gether nanti misti rasa saya sangat annoying. hihi~
even my collegues pun dah tau pasal perangai saye yang satu ni,
that everytime we went for eating outside,
nobody would suggest to go to these kind of restaurant if i was there.

(sila sebut dengan nada ala Barney Stinson)

yes. yes.
i've been to Chilis too.
and the Bubba Gump.
sama je.
but hello..
i've never eaten anything EXCEPT for the desserts.
tu je.

so anyway,
i went to TGI Friday's Wangsa Maju the other day.

ooh. the Cajun Fried Chicken Salad looks delicious!!

but i didn't order that of course,
since i'm very quite particular about the halal and non-halal food.
maka desserts aje lah yang berani saya order.

i order apa eyh?
tak order pun.
i let the other person yang decide sebab dia yang mengidam sangat nak makan ice cream TGI's.

dia order:
1) Brownie Obsession

2) Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie
(no picture available sebab selamat dah masuk dalam perut ;p)

komen saya:
manis gilaaaaa kottt kedua-dua desserts tu!
saye makan sampai mabuk!

i mean,
saye makan sampai pening.
like seriously pening macam hangover!
(eh macam mana kau tau pening hangover macam tu? kehkeh)
pastu rasa macam nak demam.

sampai rumah terus tidur sebab kemabukan yang terlampau.


FYI, compared to chocolate,
i love ICE CREAM more.
bila stress je cari ice cream.
my favourite dulu, kini dan selamanya is Gelato Fruity or Lecka-Lecka.
i love the taste and the texture.
rasa fresh sangat.
not like any other ice cream's brand.
tak terlalu manis. just nice.

now i feel like i wanna go out and buy the Gelato.

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