kejadian 30 September

9:59 PM

which one is better?

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet,
And so are you!


Roses are red,
violets are blue,
Love never crossed my mind,
until the day that I met you..

i couldn't remember how receiving a bouquet of flower can really makes my day.
when was the last time i got flower(s)..?
i think it was like.. years ago..
and no.
it wasn't given by that cheating bastard jerk, of course.
it's from someone else.

i'm not really fond with the idea of having flowers as a birthday gift.
i mean,
hello.. flower dies kottt..

TAPI kan,
i also won't deny it;
to receive a bouquet of flower from someone does makes me feel..
erm.. special..?

and ohhh how i love the smell!
the sweet roses..
bikin cairrr!!

so anyway,
while i was doing my work yesterday,
i got a call from our Receptionist-telling me that there's a flower delivery for me.
and i was like;
"Huh?Who? Me..?"

ye la kan..
mana tau kot-kot salah orang ke..
nervous pulak haku time nak pergi ke Front Desk.
dalam hati asek kata;
"mati la sape la yang pedajal haku hantar bunga kat opish nih. abes lah kena gossip. abes lah orang kata haku ader boifren pasnih. abes lah takde orang ngorat.. blablabla.."

sengal je kan..?
sampai je,
The Receptionist handed me over the bouquet and suddenly my heart melt.
walhal sumpah tatau sape yang bagi!

and then i didn't know where to hide the flower,
so i put it under my desk.

tu pun macam ramai je nampak.
pastu sumer sibuk tanya sapa bagi..
they don't know it was my birthday that day.
so-called friend, huh! =p

i can't guess who is the sender,
as i don't have any special/close/official relationship with anyone at the time being.

i'm freakin' twenty-eight and still single.
call me all you want.

i did call the florist to ask about the sender,
but she didn't tell me who- she mentioned about privacy policy or something something.

okay jugak haku tatau.
takut kalau tau nanti lagi kecewa.
serious keji.
tak sedar diri dah jadi old spinster. tskk.

oh by the way,
to the sender,
(i knowwww you are reading this! kot. hehe)
thank you sooo much!
i was really over the moon yesterday.
heck, i'm still in a very good mood today.

HaPpY! Happy! hAPPy!

just stay put.
u don't have to tell me who you are.
i think it's better that way.
jangan marahhhh okay.

semalam masa sampai rumah,
sekuntum dah kembang.
i loikeeee!

just so you know, my favourite are Tulips and White Lilies.
but i love the smell of roses too..


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