Still, a girl should have a ring..

11:54 PM

several months ago, a friend of mine suggested that i should see Letters To Juliet.

i asked him "why?"
and he said, "it's a sweet movie..."

*he paused for a while and continued*

"...i wish one day i could be with HER. i hope one day OUR path will meet again. i hope WE could be together again. like in that movie.. even when we both old."

i was speechless..


... and i didn't watch that movie.
not because i didn't want to, but i'm not comfortable seeing a love/hopeless romantic movie with my friends- tak kira la laki ke, perempuan ke.. genre lain boleh, but not romantic movie.

besides, like i've said so many times before, cheesy movie is not really my cup of tea.
The idea of 'happily ever after' is kind of.. urm.. lame?
it's too good to be true..

(tapi kalau romantic-comedy tu okay la sebab selalu nya cerita macam tu kan kelakar. love-hate relationship yang sengal tu memang one of my favourite la. hehe.)

so anyway,
i watched Letters to Juliet last night.

my opinion :

I'm sorry, but deng,
it was awful!!!
nasib baik la tak tengok kat wayang. huhu~

the only thing that i like about this movie is the fascinating view of Italy (Verona & Tuscany)
you know how i always love road-trip kind of movie, right?
(refer here and here)
so this is the ONE and ONLY reason that's keeping me seeing this movie until the credits roll-out.
and seriously,
i REALLY WANNA go to Italy!!!!!!!

and another thing,
i never knew such thing as Secretaries of Juliet is actually exist in this world.
and it's kind of interesting.
makes me wanna go there and try to write a letter to Juliet(s) too.
wonder what will they reply to my "Dear Juliet, Where's my Romeo? bla..bla..bla.." question.
poyo. ;p

pastu kan, i wanna write in Malay.
biau pening kepala dorang cari dalam kamus apakah yang saye bebelkan dalam surat tersebut.
yer saye sangat keji. ngee.

i give 2 stars for the movie just because:
1- i love the breathtaking scenery. not the storyline.
2- i love the soundtrack too (Colbie Caillat & Taylor Swift. Me like!! hee).

the rest; sucks.

//i'm not much of a believer, am I?

i hate that self-centered jerk (Sophie's fiance).
doing business while you're on vacation and letting your fiancee to be on her own is totally not cool. remember that.

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