what woman want : friends with benefit...??

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"Women just want a guy who--
who respects our independence,
but also wants to take care of us.

We want a guy who's secure--
but also gets jealous.

We want a guy who truly listens to us--
but also wants us to kinda shut up.

Like yesterday, when you were being a little mean to me,
but you weren't being too mean.
That was so hot. "

- Cougar Town Episode 19-

You want me all edgy,
but there's always a hitch

I have to stay loyal
when you act like a bitch

You want toughness and sweetness
and softness and meanness

wanna make me the master
of this in-between-ness

Runnin', Runnin'

Runnin' just as fast as I can

I'm trying to be your everything man

Please be my

You know I'm gonna try

I can be your everything man

He's gonna be my
everything man--an

a song by Sarah & Grayson, Cougar Town

finally i finished 'marathoning' Cougar Town after 2 months ignoring it.

at first, i wasn't really interested in watching Cougar Town (CG).
i watched it out of boredom. duh~

i think Courtney Cox is not suitable in playing Jules' roles.
i dunno why. her voice is kinda disturbing.
IMHO, Jules would probably well played by Teri Hatcher.
she looks like a clumsy-with-a-good-heart kind of mom- like her role in Desperate Housewives.
but yeah- of course she can't be Jules.
cause it's like moving Susan Meyer character into a separate TV Series la pula, kannn.?

and for Josh Hopkins (Grayson)...
i got nothing to say except:

aww man, he's hawt!!!

(yes, there's a but)
i also think he's too good looking and too nerdy to play as one of the 'weirdo' neighbour..
like, he's supposed to be one of the CSI.. or in Grey's Anatomy or..or.. i dunno.. one of the attorney in Ally McBeal perhaps (eh, apekes tetiba teringat Ally McBeal pulak nih. tsk.)

as for today..
i can't stop smiling seeing that Grayson and Jules are finally a couple.
after all those craps they've been playing,
trying to ignore the feelings they have for each other, now FINALLY they are together, me likey! ^__^

yeah yeah. i know.. i'm a sucker in love-hate relationship.
typical? yeah. so what. yang penting kita happy happy aje lah ye. hehe.

ok fine.
i hafto admit, i'm more interested into seeing Grayson in love. full stop.

like hello..!
he's hot kottttt..
i'd probably end up being like Jules kot if i have that kind of good looking guy as my neighbour. ngahaha.


guess what, i've just checked him out in imdb,
turns out, he actually WAS in Ally McBeal!... and CSI! ... and Private Practice!
(ok so i didnt mention Private Practise, but hey, at least i was right about the type of drama he should act, right? damn i'm good! haha. ) ;).

ok ok. enough crap.

another reason why i watch this series (apart from Grayson) is because of their friendship [Jules, Ellie, Laurie, Bobby, Andy, Grayson] and relationship between Jules and her son, Travis.
their relationship is kind of ridiculous and somewhat strange,
but they take care of each other..
and they always look out for one another, even when they hate each other for the sake of friendship.

the season finale is one of the best episode.
cause it has this:

i loveeeeeee bike riding!!!!!
remind me of that time when i was in Tioman Island with friends.
each of us rent a bike and rode it around Kg. Genting. it was fun!

oh well,
i always enjoy riding bicycle.
i had one back then when i was in varsity.
i cycled to exercise and to gain stamina as i was in University's Kayak Team for a year.
and also,
i cycled to release stress.
maybe because i'm not a 'yelling' or 'screaming' or 'throwing things' person.
when i get mad, i shut up. or hide in a blanket and cry.
so whenever i feel like my chest is going to explode,
i'll ride my bicycle.
terus segala rasa marah, benci, sakit hati, sedih akan hilang.

and bt-dub, it's environmental friendly :)

but of course,
now i am not cycling anymore. i swim. :)

kan ke cute kalau cycling together-gether camnih:

how adorable..
one of the reason why i loveeeee Fullhouse and why i loveeee Rain (and Song Hye Kyo too!).
we sorta have a connection, kan?kan?kan? ngeeeee~
(feel free to puke at some other place,okeh ;p hehe)

Rain, Sarangheyo!!! ;)

how weird.
this entry started with Cougar Town, and somehow it ended up with a Korean drama, Fullhouse. off topic sungguh.
gosh. i'm sucks at writing!

here is one of my fav song in Fullhouse.

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