Sami Yusof

Hati kita ni walaupun dalam dada kita sendiri, ia tetap bukan milik kita..

I love the way you lie

can you take a picture of us?

everybody knows that nobody really knows..

apa itu CINTA..?


you know what? i'm not doing well. life is pretty shit..

From Beirut to Jerusalem..

yes. definitely i'll marry him.

bittersweet symphony

sorry seems to be the hardest word.

Get a move on, you knobhead!

broken promises.


panggilan yang sungguh hangit

old love.


Walk the Talk.

ehh tak habis lagi..?

may you shine..

the God Signal spot

There's a stormy world up there, you can't whisper above the thunder..

Mr. Loveable =p

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