bittersweet symphony

7:07 AM

you know how you have that one particular song that keep playing on your mind,
reminding you of a memory..
be it sweet or sad,
and suddenly a smile plastered on your face?

Bittersweet Symphony (The Verve) is mine.
one of the most hauntingly beautiful song i ever heard!

(and also Lifehouse's Hanging By A Moment->
this is my number 1 favorite eversince i was in high school.
yerp, obviously kerana ada cerita di sebalik lagu tersebut. hihi~

i always like the melody...
and the musical instruments that's playing in the song.
one h*ll of a brilliant music EVER!

and fyi,
this song has nothing to do with my life or memory or whatever.
no particular reason.
i just instantly fell in love with this song the moment i heard it .
eversince then, i knew that this song should be performed in orchestra.

i think this is how i actually started LISTENING to MUSIC...
from the Bittersweet Symphony..~


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