can you take a picture of us?

2:47 AM

One day something good happened, this boy whom I treated just before the massacre spotted me - little Mahmoud came out and started to put his arms around me ;

"Dr Swee! Dr Swee!"

and I said;

"Oh Mahmoud!",

he said;

"we saw the soldiers take you - all the foreigners, to the UN building and thats where they killed everybody so I thought you were dead".

So he was so happy and started to cry,
and I realized that poor Mahmoud has lost his family - he was now an orphan.
And suddenly a whole lot of children - Palestinian children from every where began to crowd around me,
and the little girl said;

"Doctor can you take a picture of us?"

I said "of course I will".

"You must take a picture of us now because there is the Shatila camp -
tomorrow maybe the camp will be destroyed and there will be no more Shatila,

but at least today we are here and you can take a picture and show your friends all over the world this refugee camp and show them we are the children of Shatila".

And as I began to focus the camera they decided to put their hands up
and make a victory sign
and said, "and we are not afraid".

This picture was taken in October 1982, since then I have been back to Lebanon many times, and each time I go back I carry a copy of these pictures
hoping I can find them - of course I never found any of these children.

But now looking back I realize they didn't ask me bring the pictures back to them - they said take the pictures and show it to the whole world, to show the whole world how the Palestinian children of Shatila camp were not afraid.
So I am showing it to you now.

Our western media talks about peace, but they have forgotten the main ingredient of peace which is justice. I've known this for a long time. This was peace - lebanon 1982.

After the Israeli invasion of Lebanon there were five peace plans. All of them failed because none of the peace plans talked about justice. And today - the same, people talk about peace - the road map and so on - but which one of them talks about justice?
Certainly there can be no peace without justice...

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i thought i've cried enough when i read Khalid Hosseini's novels.
but reading this? the Dr Ang Swee Chai's experienced?
the REAL LIFE experience;
not a fiction novel, gosh, my tears rolled down EACH time i read it..


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