everybody knows that nobody really knows..

6:05 AM

currently listening to John Legend's song while changing my blog layout.

kejap kejap tukar layout lain. ada je yang tak kena.
normally i ripped the original layout and customized it ikut sesukahatisesedaprasa..
but today..
adalah sangat malas nak mengedit CSS.

nak yang simple and soft.
soft but still, ada 'garang'nya.
i mean, nak yang soft dan nampak plain & low-profile but at the same time, out-standing.
out standing yang simple - you know, just simple enough to make a statement.
tak ke pening tu?

nak buat sendiri, tapi cam malas.
idea ada - tapi cam poyo letak kat blogspot.
maybe one day if i have the chance to convert to dotcom,
i'll put up my design.

ceh ceh.
berangan tak hingat~

so friends,
if one minute you see this blog with this layout, and the next minute *if you refresh*,
it changed to another,
pls excuse me.
biasa lah, minah senget.
kejap camni, kejap camtu.
kamu sabor je la yek..?

by the way,
here is one of my favorite from John Legend (one of the many ;p ),
Everybody Knows

Everybody Knows Lyric

*click the thumbnail for larger image*

suara dia sangat nyummmmm~

ps: i'm sorry i hafto to remove the official Music Video.
it's too.. err... bukan untuk tontonan Umum.

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