From Beirut to Jerusalem..

3:32 PM

"The slaughter of unarmed children, women, the aged and the infirm was shocking.
For me, I was doubly outraged that I had to discover the truth about a brave and generous people only through their deaths.
Until then, I never knew Palestinian refugees existed.

As a fundamentalist Christian, I had been a supporter of Israel, hated Arabs and saw the Palestinian Liberation Organisation as terrorists to be loathed and feared."

taken from :
From Beirut To Jerusalem
Dr.Ang Swee Chai

i haven't read this book yet.
heck, i never knew it's existed,
not after i caught sight of my second cousin's status in FB about this book.

so i googled it..

you can read further in this website.

and now, i really need to get my hands on this book!!

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