Get a move on, you knobhead!

6:37 AM

Here is a quote, i dedicate to a very good friend of mine.


.. the worst thing a girl can do is trail after a boy when a love affair is dead.."

oops sorry dear.
not that one.

it's the one below here:

"..when things go wrong in life,
this is what you do-

You lift your chin,

put on ravishing smile,

mix yourself a little cocktail..

..and out you go."

-Sadie Lancaster-

Sophie Kinsella (SK) always write a very entertaining book.
everytime i read her novel, i could imagine it being made to the silver screen.
but of course, Confession of the Shopaholic was a total disaster - well at least that's what i thought.
heck, any movie based on a novel can NEVER be as good as the novel, anyway.

So anyway, i've finished reading Twenties Girl.

it's funny (although not as funny as SK's previous novel).
and it feels soooooo sad when it comes to an end.
i mean, it was good, that I DON'T WANT it to end.

it's like watching your favorite drama series,
all you want is a happy ending.
and when it comes to the final episode,
you wish it would never end.
and secretly you wish there's no happy ending..

..or there's a happy ending, but you wish there will be another sequel.
(or is it just me??)

not as funny and not as great as previous novel, but still,
Twenties Girl did made me put down this book just to have a laugh.
a LAUGH okay.
not just a giggle,
not just a small grin.. or smile..
but a ha ha LAUGH!

to have a 23 year old grand-aunt haunted you IS hilarious,
IF you put it in SK's way.

and there's certain part that is not so funny,
that has deeper meaning;
things that make you think of something..
how you live your life..
and how you leave this world (your death).

have you changed the world?

did you go all famous?
is there anyone care for you?
sad and cried for you?

something that we should think about..

and why SK alllllllwaaaaaaaaaays got me dream to have that guy-
you know,
the kind of guy who sweep off your feet..
the mature, sensible, cool guy.
good looking la .. ada career best laa..
always help you when you needed the most..
paling tak boleh blah,
this time around,
he (Ed Harrison,the male character)
bought the ASTON MARTIN !
so double-O-seven (007)!
soooo sexayyyyyyy!!~
(i mean the car. not Ed Harrison. ngeee~)

by the way,
Ed Harrison is an American, working in London.
and he bought the car when he get serious with Lara (the main character).
(which means, he's going to stay in London. wheee!)

now that what we called as sexy..


i soooo want to be a Londoner!
and i soooo want a Twenties Granny Ghost!
haha. tetiba.
sangat sengal. ;p

ok ok.
enough merepek dan mengarut.

night night all!

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