the God Signal spot

1:25 AM

maybe it's Friday, or maybe it's just me..
as i browsed items to buy for my brother's birthday present
(his birthday is gonna be tomorrow, btw.
yeah yeah. i know. too much birthday celebration in this 2 weeks.
me, Jiya and Haziq ;p )
i stumbled upon this one book.. which i can't tell you.
err.. not now, at least.. ;p
but just fyi, it's a religious book.

it's kind of interesting so i bought it.
went back to my office and start to read it
(it's a lunch time. so i'm allowed to have a ME time,ok.)

as i opened the book,
the first ayat that appear in the book is this:

“Boleh jadi kamu membenci sesuatu, padahal ia amat baik bagimu,
dan boleh jadi (pula) kamu menyukai sesuatu, padahal ia amat buruk bagimu; Allah
mengetahui, sedang kamu tidak mengetahui.”

(Al-Baqarah, Ayat 216)

this is one of my favourite ayat, just so you know.
but upon seeing it when i was feeling confuse,
it makes me feel.. hmm.. i dunno..
i just get emotional and err.. sebak kot?

normally, kalau tetiba ternampak topik buku nih, atau terbaca pasal topik ni kat internet ke kan, honestly,

i'll quickly change my glance to some other place /book/tab/topic.
like, seriously. i'll always run from 'it'.
buat-buat tak nampak.
eee.. tahapehapentah perangai =p
tapi arini tergerak pulak hati nak baca...

by the way,
back to this entry title,
do you know that there are many people around the globe that have been working on a research about Brain?
ini bukan pasal drama Jepun Mr.Brain, mind you :p)
brain is one of the most interesting subject to research for, i guess.
they've been trying to figure out how physical & spiritual are connected.
bagaimana boleh bersatunya badan & nyawa/roh.. (dalam Quran kan dah terangkan pasal asal usul kejadian manusia..)

but the most INTERESTING fact is,
in 1997,
a group of doctors/profs found a spot in our brian that is called : God Spot.

and do you know how to set this spot?
to 'catch' the 'God Signal'?

let me share with you this:

it's by praying (sila jangan tinggal solat 5 waktu ye), fasting, Zikir and etc.

remind me of SN (my friend. not the famous Saiful Nang. hehe),
he used to advice me to sila la merajinkan diri bangun malam and do the tahajud everyday.
sebab katanya;
"waktu lain, like the 5 times prayer are the busiest times of all. semua orang sibuk 'call' ALLAH. night time is the bestest time to 'call' again. sebab masa tu line dah tak busy... and most probably, you'll get a chance that your call will be answered.."

buku ni best lah.
harap-harap bukan setakat sebagai bahan baca di masa lapang je, but i do hope it can change me to be a better person.
sebab kita hidup ni, bukan untuk kat sini je.. dunia nih je.. but for afterlife as well.....

*if you want to know the title of this book, do e-mail me or just PM me in facebook. sharing is caring, kan? ;)

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