Saturday, October 9, 2010

may you shine..

... like stars, dazzling in the sky..

and may you live a happy life..
a brighter life.. with ALLAH blessing..

Happy 9th Birthday,
Afiq Haziq


Me: Afiq, cer teka Along belikan Afiq apa?

// sometimes i called him Afiq, sometimes Haziq. ikut sukahati. hehe.

Haziq: Erm.. ala.. mesti buku..
Me: eh.. tak lah.. kali nih lain laaa..

i always bought him a book(s).
not only for his birthday, but everytime i see cute and colorful books, i'll buy it for him.
this little guy adalah sangat malas membaca,
so i hafto find ways to make him to like reading books.

and so far,
i fail..

so this time around,
for his birthday..
i bought him something else.

it's not a freaking robot.

it's actually,

a Night Sky Projection kit.
tapi tahu tak,
Si Abang lebih excited daripada Haziq bila tengok birthday present tu!

but of course i already knew about that.
to make Haziq interested in something, i have to make Abang to like it first.
Abang is Haziq's idol.
So, apa-apa yang Abang suka, Haziq pun akan suka sama.

malam tu jugak dorang sibuk pasang benda tu.
and as soon as we were done,
(yerp. saye pun excited sebnanya. haha)
we quickly switched off the light..

Haziq sengih-sengih.
while Abang...well, he said:
"Wahhh! Abang rasa macam berada di alam semesta!"


and even I stared at the ceiling for awhile...
looking at the 'stars'..
perasan macam berada dalam Planetarium..


i was contemplating at first,
don't know what to buy him.
i was torn between the Night Sky Projection Kit (NSPK) and Green Technology Science Project for Kids.

rasa nak beli dua-dua,
tapi takut membazir. so beli satu saja.
i decided to buy NSPK because i think, kids like stars.

and guess what?
i was right!

kata Haziq;

"Long, Ultraman Cosmos berasal dari bintang!"

ultraman pun.. ultraman la...

another reason why i picked NSPK, is because..
i really hope one day when he grow up,
he'll become somebody in Astronomi.
alag-alang dah suka bintang kan..
kot-kot la dia nak buat kajian:
'Benarkah Ultraman Cosmos berasal daripada Bintang?' ke.. okay jugak kan?

okay. okay.
i'm just kidding.

but i really hope that birthday gift will be as a stepping stone to make him interested in astronomi.
who knows, he might be the next Al-Khwarizmi,
cendekiawan Islam terbilang..
mengembalikan kegemilangan Islam dalam dunia intelektual.

i know it's a long shot..
but who knows?
he's still young..

hmm for now, how can i get him to memorize the sifir...??

** UPDATED! **

ini dia si bijak cemerlang.

petang tadi dapat called daripada Abang, saying that Haziq badly injured.
see his head?
huish. budak nakal.
tak pepasal je kepala kena jahit.
aduhai.. Haziq.. oh Haziq....


miszcoolrelax said...

eley.. nk promot present sndri la tu.. ;p