5:31 AM

  • i stay at home like a good girl do today. the reason? pls read previous entry.

  • i went to the clinic twice. the first time, doktor yilek. the clinic is only a walking distance from my apt, so i walked to the clinic ALONE. dah la tengah having headache (turned out the headache is because of fever. 2 hari kena hujan. that's why.) so memang ada sedikit swearing la jugak bila tengok Doctor tader. sedeh dowh. second time, it was 6pm. dapat ubat, dapat mc. mc tu yang penting. haha. doc cakap nasib baik tak demam panas. dalam kepala haku pulak,' ala.... kalau demam panas bolei dapat mc lagi.' heh.

  • i approved one of my colleagues in FB today. tu pun sebab dia sudah merajuk. huhu~ i rarely add/approve office colleagues in FB, just so you know. tak suka people know about my daily routines.. what i've been up to.. you know, that kind of stuff. because you see, people talks. and i don't want people to gossip about me based on whatever they read in my fb. but she's kind of my closest friend, so fine, i approved. (tapi hello, haku masih sentap dia tak wish b'day aritu, okey. haha. ngengada sungguh ;p)

  • nak makan ice cream. sangat2~!! headache, cepat-cepat lah kamu hilang please!

  • nak baca buku! so i bought 2 books online today. will probably arrived sometime in Friday kot. insyaAllah.'s a chic lit which is kind of the last type of book i wanna read. entah ler, ever since dah start baca buku2 Khaled Hosseini, saye dah tak berapa minat baca chic lit/Sophie Kinsella's kind of novel. rasa macam.. err.... urm..nevermind. however, today i bought 2! i hope it can cheer up my days. nak gelak-gelak. nak happy-happy je. ngee~

  • nak tengok movie! frust gila tak dapat tengok Step Up 3D sampai sekarang pasal tader orang nak teman. ada lagi ke eh? i don't mind watch it alone. hopefully ada lagi.. tapi macam dah tader je.. sobsob.. before this selamba je i went to see 2 movies continuously alone.

  • speaking of Step Up, teringat SG. damn u. pls get out from my mind. we are not meant to be together. ehh tetiba emo.

  • ekceli bukan sebab Step Up je. suddenly he popped up in my head when i went to one of the open houses the other day. the road..... remind me of him. funny story, actually. teringat tragedi dulu, whereas i was the one dragging him to go there. pastu we got lost somewhere. haha. eh, dengggggg~ shuh. shuh. go away. stop messing my head. T__T

  • by the way, my brother is sitting for PMR tomorrow. i hope he can score straight A's. aminnnn. all the best, Abang! Gambatte neh!! ~

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