There's a stormy world up there, you can't whisper above the thunder..

10:12 AM

Just came back from watching Legend Of The Guardians : The Owls of Ga'Hoole.

my comment?

oh. i only love the ost.
first time dengar masa tengok citer nih, terus tersengih..
dan dalam hati berkata;
"mentang-mentang la citer pasal Owl, dier amek Owl City nyer lagu buat jadi OST ek..."

by the way,
it's never occured to me that i''ll be watching this movie.
sekali hamekkkk.. tengok in 3D
(yeah i like 3D movie because it's awesome :p )
BUT for this movie,
watching it in 3D is totally not worth it~!
(for me laaa.. tatau la opinion orang lain macam mana. huhu)
effect dia tak best dan tak mengancam macam How To Train Your Dragon or Despicable Me.
last time i complained about the 3D in The Last Air Bender (TLAB)
(eh saye ada review ke citer tu? lupa la. huhu.),
but now i take it back.
this movie (in 3D) is much worst than TLAB.

the storyline?
movie pasal the battle of the burung-burung hantu..
like, hello...?
burung-burung pun ada war juga kah..? haha.

quite boring.
ada la a few funny lines,
tapi sikit sangat.
and a bit lame, i think.
filem animasi yang serius macam ni is definitely a no no to me.

ada 2 ekor owl yang jahat (and stupid), remind me of 2 idiots in Pirates of The Carribean. tak ingat apa nama lanun 2 ekor tu. jahat tapi lurus dan sengal.
the 2 owls siap cakap slang british. sama sebijik la dengan lanun tu.
part 2 owls tu je la yang kelakar sket..

i have no idea why i agreed to see this anyway.

oh right.
now i remember....

...sebab orang lain yang bayar. haha.
if it was me, obviously i'll pick another movie.
kalau kartun, i'd like to watch something yang cute and funny,
like Sammy's Adventure ke..
and hey.. Magika!
tak baca review lagi. best ke, tak ek?
macam interesting je.
kalau weekend nih bawa si kecik-si kecik tu tengok movie nih okay juga kot..
(tapi Abang kena tinggal kat rumah la as he's still in the middle of PMR. huhu~)

if it's about serious business, i'd like to see Wall Street ke..
(nak tengok sebab ada si Shia LaBeouf tu je. hihi)..

for easy and light movie,
maybe i'll opt for Eat, Pray, Love ->
but maybe i'll pass this one. tunggu kuar kat torrent saje lah kot ;p

cerita lain?
macam takde citer best je...


on a different note,
i went to MPH today, just to kill the time.
macam banyaaaaak je buku best-best.

next book in my wish list:

pada sesape yang masih ada hutang birthday present,
sila jangan buat-buat tak nampak wishlist dalam entry ini yer.
you know you love me,

to Maritza Ferer,
sorry eh tadi tak dapat hang out.
tomorrow, perhaps?
lunch on me, ok?

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