Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Walk the Talk.

So there's a big GREEN event coming to town this week:

International Greentech & Eco Products Exhibition & Conference


IGEM 2010.
it's gonna be held at KLCC from 14 to 17th October 2010.

from the list, i could see some of major player in the industry will participate in this Green Event. That's great, i guess. it's good to know that some of them ARE making an effort to help preserving our mother nature.

i am sad, actually.
while i was on my way to office this morning,
a driver from a car next to me, opened his car window and throw a rubbish throughout the window and i was like;
"Hey, WTH??",
- which of course, i could only say that in my mind.

what a stupid minded person.
sukahati kau je buang sampah merata-rata!
nak aje aku potong tangan kau tu. huh.

and suddenly i remembered that i have yet written any review of
If You Follow Me ,
which i've finished reading for several months now.
i'm not gonna do any review about the whole book... (not now, at least)

(btw, it's an interesting book.
it's about Japanese culture from rural area that i've never heard before. and it's funny toO!)

what makes me interested is that, the starting (and most of the content) of the book is about:
Gomi Law is a hmm.. how should i put this.. it's a rule for throwing trash.

you know how Japanese people is one of the most discipline people on earth, right?
so they come out with this idea of Gomi Law;
whereas, they have a schedule for trash - certain days to throw certain trash.
say, on Monday.. they can only throw burnable items.. .
on Tuesday, it's for bottles.. etc.. ( i couldn't remember the exact days, actually. hee.)
by the way, they have to separate the bottles and the bottle caps too.

They are very discpiline and they even have the Gomi Police too!
itu pun sebab the Minah Salleh tak reti buang sampah ikut
jadual maka wujudnya unofficial Gomi Police disitu. haha.

i wonder if us, Malaysian can do the same thing.
Are we aware of our responsiblity to keep the environment clean and to keep recycling as our world is having major climate issue(s)?
and not only to keep clean, but to save water & energy as well..?

do we, Malaysian have that kind of Japanese discipline?
i mean, hello.. i just saw someone throw rubbish from car window!
it really drives me mad to see someone that have zero sense of responsibily towards the environment.
grrr! rasa macam nak pelangkung je mamat tu tadi.

Citra warna hitam. WUH ****, i'm watching you!
*sambil buat dua jari from eye to eye ;p *

Walk the Talk.
click here for the daily simple things that can make a BIG different to Go Green.


miszcoolrelax said...

skrg, bukan jep0n jek.. org puteh p0n wat same.. n putrajaya p0n dah ke arah tu.. ari kames, di0rg pungut paper jek.. ^^

Mrs. Eeza Herman said...

oohh..aku xbuang sampah dari window, tp aku buang ikut pintu..buka pintu kete then, buang kat luar sorok2..hehehe
bagus sket kan..

{ w33da } said...

ipie: ye ke? taktau la pulak. hee. eh budak environment, sila cari jalan utk educate malaysian psl global warming, okeh~

eeza: haaa!buang sampah sorok2 kat atas jalan ke..atau kat dlm tong sampah? org mcm ko nih la nak kena potong tgn jugak nih tau. huhu~ ko x sayangkan environment ke.. kesian kat baby ko nanti.. keluar2 je kena hirup udara tercemar..

Mrs. Eeza Herman said...

oo..aku buang kat parking area jer...tmpt lain x..hehehe..
yela, kalo aku xbuat camtu, nanti makcik2 indon cleaner parking area tu xde keje lak..tu aku kasi keje sket je..