Tuesday, October 19, 2010

yes. definitely i'll marry him.

but sweet, kan? heh.

okay tajuk memang mengada-ngada;
bajet sangat sensasi la kunun.

you know how i adore beautiful pictures, words of wisdom, and etc etc from vi.sualize. us right?
so here, some of images/words that i'd like to share.


favorite picture for today:

the nicest word one should say:

oh gosh!
i'm so cheesy, am I?? ;p

i L-O-L when i read this:

things that you (mr-i-dunno-yet-whoever-you-are) should know:

and finally..




my number 1 favorite:

so TRUE.

image via vi.sualize.us and sayingimages.


nn said...

yang bawah sekali tu memang SO TRUE!! :D

~~~ana121~~~ said...

yang bawah tu sgt2 lah terbukti kebenarannya... haha~~

{ w33da } said...

nn : kan?kan?kan? hehe~
ana:haha. sangat betul. ngee~