EPO consumption can make you fat..?

8:13 AM

i've posted an entry on how i hate my bestfriend before this.
we've been together for so longggggg,
she's been keeping me off from doing my things just so i can be with her 24 hours.
i've missed to do so many things because of her (sorry Ana pasal last 2 weeks.. ), that now i think it's time to say goodbye.

so i decided to take my doctor's advice: to take Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) as the cure to my monthly pain.

Benefits of EPO

Evening Primrose Oil has been widely used for health and beauty. It's suitable for men and women of all ages. Some of its uses include:

• Regulate irregular period
• Relieve PMS (irritability, breast tenderness, bloating, abdominal cramps, water retention)
• Reduce menopausal symptoms (hot flushes, mood swings, vaginal dryness, sleeping problems)
• Relieve eczema (reduces scaliness, redness, dryness and roughness)
• Improve cracked heels
• Reduce dry skin, fine lines & wrinkles
• Repair dry, damaged hair and eliminates dandruff
• Strengthen brittle, flaking nails
• Alleviate stiffness and joint pains


from what i read in forums, the EPO will not give immediate effect towards the user, it maybe will show the progress in 3 months or so. maka.. haaa, hamek ko, i bought 3 bottles of 1000mg EPO! hee.

9 November 2010 -
marked the day i started to take the pills.
i don't know if i managed to swallow this thing religiously, daily.
besar gila kot gel nih!

saiz nya lebih daripada separuh of my jari kelingking okeh!
but i'm not a kid.
i know i can beat this.
makan, jangan tak makan.

10 November 2010 - second day.

Effect No. 1:
berasa sangat lapar pada setiap masa (i'm starving while i'm typing this!!).
oh gosh! i hope this is not the side effect of EPO.
asek nak mengunyah je keje.. even perut dah full, tapi masih rasa nak menguyah.
huwaaaa.. saya tamau gemokkkkkkk!!!!!

Effect No.2:
i keep 'visiting' the Ladies for like, every 10-15 minutes to pee.
oww man, i hate this.so frickin' hate this!
but then again, i think the pill is starting to work- cleaning whatever unnecessary items from my body. (cuba bersangka baik, kesan menonton House MD. hehehe)
so, fine.
i guess i just hafto deal with this.
but i hope this is not permanent.

Effect No. 3:
i also read from one of the forums, jerawat naik lepas makan EPO (eh, bukan ke patutnya reduce acne problem ke?) .
and guess what?
iyerrrr.. pada malam ini, sebiji jerawat telah menunjukkan diri beliau di atas muka saya!
so denggggg~!!
don't hate me for saying this, but i have an acne-free skin.
i don't have any skin problem..
jerawat adalah sangattttt malu nak keluar kat muka.
kalau ada pun, time red-flag. tu pun sehari, dua je.
dan the jerawat bukannya setiap bulan wajib keluar.
sometimes, 2-3 bulan sekali baru la 'si mentol' tu keluar dengan jayanya (dan besar serta bersinar-sinar) ;p
tapi arini keluar pulak. hukk..
and i already had my menses last week. hmmph.


Effect No. 4

i get headache once in awhile.tak kritikal. tapi bad e'nuff that it makes me feel like i'm fainting.like, suddenly rasa blackout-tapi masih sedar and kena cepat-cepat duduk and rest.lepastu okay balik.
hmm..teruk jugak proses detox saya nih.mesti sebab ada banyak benda pelik-pelik dalam badan kot. tskk.

i hope this side effect won't take too long.
biasa la kan, bila baru start ambil apa-apa supplement pun,
memang akan ada a few side effect before betul-betul boleh serasi dengan badan kita.
err.. right?

the most important thing,
i don't want to deal with that monthly pain lagi.
i can't take it anymore.
so i guess, we'll see the progress of EPO in the next 2-3 months la yer.
insyaAllah.. harap-harap dah tak macam dulu lagi..

//There are lots of other benefit for EPO..you can google 'em out. u'd be surprised and perhaps, will blame yourself for not knowing about EPO earlier.

//i took EPO few years back, my mom bought it to me. tapi tak makan sebab pill tu besar dan nampak mengerikan. hehe. but fret not, now i'm so back! :)

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