Evening Primrose Oil Part 2

8:02 AM

i know a lot of people have been saying that it takes some time for EPO to work.
some may take a month, some maybe two.. and most cases : 3 months before it finally shows the positive sign.Align Center

i'm aware of that.
but i also kind of wishing and hoping that i'll be the exceptional -
hoping that the next time bendera jepun berkibar, i'm not gonna have to go thru that severe pain again.

boy was i wrong.

now it's already past midnight, and i've been having this cramp since early evening.
dah lah petang tadi dengan hujan lebat.. aircond jangan cerita laaa.. dah rasa macam duduk dalam peti ais je tadi kat office.. and then asyik teringat heater kat rumah dah rosak..
konfem balik rumah tak mandi haha :(

to make things worst, tonight (or is it last night??) episode of The Criminal Minds was about the orang jahat yang kidnap young ladies and makes them pregnant so that the orang jahat will have a son. gila laaaaaa.. dah la tengah sakit perut, pastu tengok orang beranak pulak. it's like, doubling the pain that i was having at that time. saiko betul. huhu~

owh, speaking of TV,
harini first episode of NCIS LA.
my take?
seriously, i prefer Gibbs' team.
team LA macam tak best.
maybe sebab takde DiNozzo.
dasar perempuan tipikal suka memandang lelaki kacak saje. hehe. ;p

yeah i know LA Team has Chris O'Donnell.
i still lovessss Tony yang sengal tu, and McGee & Abby..
Ziva haku kureng sket pasal last season kan ada pasal israhell tu kan..so aku macam menyampah. huhu~

fine, the LA team is much more sophisticated in terms of technology,
but i guess, it'll take some time for me before i can really 'adapt' with this new team.
(mak aih. cakap macam lah bebetul join NCIS je kan.. hehe.)
lebih kurang macam EPO la.. ambil masa sikit before betul2 ngam ;p

if i still have the pain in the next 2 months, goodbye la kau sampai bila-bila.


by the way,
about the side effects that i mentioned earlier:
it only took me 3-4 days before my body can readily 'accept' my new supplement.
proses detox kot.
jerawat tu sehari je kot bertahan. nasib baik. hihi.
and no more headache.

but i still crave for food-like all the time!
asyik makan makan dan makan saje!!
i think i'm fat now.

// which is why i dodged all sms/call dan segala lepak-lepak session-
except for girls.

haha. tak blei blah betul aku nih kannn.. hehe

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