it hurts me..

5:55 AM

it hurts me to see him in pain..
to see his heart breaks into million pieces..
and he wants to feel nothing..
just like House felt all this years..

He's decide what he wants.

He doesn't want to feel,
he wants to be hated.

He's decide it's just easier that way.

He got his wish.

-Elena Gilbert; The Vampire Diaries, Season 2-

the bad boy image suits him. don't cha think so too?

okay. sekarang adalah rasa nak pengsan.
ngokngek la Elena nih.
macam ni punya hensem pun kau tak nak.
balik-balik Stefan yang lembik tu. dah le tak hensem.
kalau tak hensem, tapi always there whenever she needs him, takpe la jugak.
tapi ini takkkkkk.

it's always Damon.
he looks like a mean guy, tapi dia baik sebnanya..
and he really cares Elena so much.
why can't she see it????

*gila la. pasal drama pun nak emo. haha*

hmm.. i don't really like this pix of him.
maybe it's the hair- macam tak kena je.
but this is the only pix i found that show his eyes.
that's his number ONE attraction, i guess.
well.. to me, at least.

pengsan lagi sekali.


just when i was happy to see that old man, House is finally in a LOVE relationship with Cuddy, Damon has his heart broken..

oh by the way, seriously, House and Cuddy? omaigod its so GROSS!!! and i'm talking about the 'hot scenes'. he's oldddddd!!!! so euwwww~ not their relationship, though. i think they both are sweet together. cuteness, i must say. ngehngehngeh~

ehh.. i'll talk about House later. maybe after the season finale.. or maybe tomorrow. entah tengok lah. saya baru tengok 4 episodes. aritu tak sempat download sampai latest episodes. tskk.

The Vampire Diaries pun sama. sempat download 4 episodes je. TVD guna notebook ayah, while for House S07, i used mine. giler. tu la namanya TV Addict. haha.

okay lah. gotta continue watching Episode 2.

*Notes: all images are from google image*

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