kenapa emo sangat ea?

3:04 PM

maaf lah, sebab aku tak approve komen-komen kamu semua.
yea i know i should never put the comment link.
saja gatal nak tengok feedback =p

i'm single.
tader boifren..
dan aku stret- obviously tader gurfren jugak okeh. hoho~

so aku emo kat sape sebnanya ehh..?

you'd be surprised if i tell you to whom i'm mad to.

aku sedih sebenarnya.

sedih.. pastu jadi benci.

mungkin sebab dah lama sangat aku simpan.
dah macam gunung berapi yang tunggu masa nak muntahkan lava.

mungkin juga sebab aku dah tak larat nak pretend like it's okay,
but it's actually not okay.




you know, a lot of people (mostly my friends) actually look up at me because they say i'm independent.

you know what?
i am not.

i'm just an ordinary girl.
i feel afraid and scared all time.
but it's not like i have any other choice.
i have to.

i have to be strong.
i have to be so-call independent.
i have to do everything by myself because nobody would do it for me.
i don't have any other choice.
except for the fact that i'm lucky enough to have friends yang selalu ada untuk membantu.
for that, i'd say.. Alhamdulillah.

last few days was a nightmare to me.
like a bad dream, but much worst, 'cause it's not a dream.
i was in a very bad situation.
i was stranded in the middle of nowhere (in a highway, to be precised).
so i'm seeking help from him them.
but instead of finding ways to help me, guess what i got..?

it's a long story.
maybe i'll tell you about it later.
maybe i won't.
we'll see.

cuma yang aku tau sekarang nih, aku dah penat sangat.
penat tahan perasaan.
penat buat-buat tak perasan.
and i can't do this anymore.
i'm done.

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