my wedding song

5:40 AM

I was going to shutdown my notebook as i was going to read 'Sleeping Arrangements' (Madeleine Wickham / Sophie Kinsella) before i went to bed, and somehow before i close all windows, i thought to myself ;
"hmm.. how about put up some music to set the mood..?"

tak pernah-pernah baca buku sambil dengar lagu. buang tebiat ke ape? ;p

so i opened Media Player and select all songs.

maka keluar la lagu ini..

Flightless Bird, American Mouth.

for those who knew me, would know how crazy i am over this song after watching Twilight last 2 years.
and this song has and will ALWAYS be my lullaby everytime Twilight came out with its new movie
(New Moon & Eclipse).
serious aku suka gila lagu nih.
sangat sesuai sebagai lagu tidur. haha.

and i always secretly thought to myself that this would be my wedding song.
as the first song when we dance as husband and wife.


come again.

what dance?

what husband and wife??!!

and who the hell are WE..?????

hey chill.
of course i'm not going to do that.
memang takkan terjadi okay.
no worries.

tapi ye lah kan...
for someone yang dah dibrainwashkan dengan 'fairytale' eversince i was a kid, and has seen a lot of western movie/drama since kecik-kecik,
sikit sebanyak, that kind of thinking slip into my mind sometimes.

you know..
the white fairytale wedding bla bla bla..
and the most charming & romantic precious moment is of course..
during the first dance as husband and wife.

so when i heard this song for the first time,
i was like,
omaigod this song is so wonderful!
sweet gilaaaaa kot~
this gotta be the song for my that first dance!
*ok now sila flashback scene prom night Bella & Edward. hehehe*
sengal ;p

eventhough the lyric sebenarnya tak berapa sesuai..
epecially ada satu part tu.. hurm..

but as i always do,
i love listening to the melody..before i listen to the lyric. hehe.
rasa relaks je bila dengar lagu nih..
especially the part:
"Have I found you.. Flightless bird.."

another reason why i love this song,
is because of the lyric which is for me, sangat laaa poetic.
atau dengan kata lainnya, berkias.
the meaning behind this song can be variety.
it depends on how you see this song.
and that's the beauty of it.

and that's why i love this song.

nice, isn't it? :)

ok now i gotta continue my reading.

i'll see you when i see you ok, darls?

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