Friday, November 12, 2010

silent treatment

so you're giving me the silent treatment, huh?
yeah i do notice.

you don't believe me?
don't act like it is a surprised.
just because i'm a self-centered person, doesn't mean that i don't give a damn care.

of all people should know about it.

I'm glad you do this, though.
at least now i know you're a such a big wuss.

it's a shame.

//yeah the silent treatment works. just don't bother to talk to me EVER again.


Md. Naswardi said...

huish... makcik... marah kt sapa ni?

{ w33da } said...

sape lagik kalau bukan yu.. ;p

Md. Naswardi said...

apa dosa ai kt yu ni??? yu yg wat mata ai sakit.. ai plak yg kn marah...

{ w33da } said...

hahaha. sape suh perasan sgt. ai ckp psl org lain, yu plak yg perasan. hehe

Md. Naswardi said...

biaq pi la nk perasan lebey... ;p ok la dr xdak perasaan... hehe