Who Are More Likely to Get Dementia and Increase their Risk of Alzheimer's Disease?

7:20 PM

This entry is dedicated to my friends who are both hardcore and social smoker.
i know you guys are reading this. so, fikir-fikirkan lah ye.. ;)

Smoking is the single largest threat to developing lung cancer and its destruction to the environment is unconscionable. Warren wrote over at TreeHugger that at least 4.5 trillion filter-tipped cigarettes are deposited annually somewhere in the world and each year nearly 600 million trees are destroyed to provide fuel to dry tobacco. Both of these effects are a little more obvious, but a new article in the New York Times, shows a more subtle side effect to lighting up.

The numbers were huge. Those that smoked one pack a day were 37 percent more likely to be plagued with dementia and those that smoked between one and two packs a day were 44 percent more likely. For those that smoked two packs a day or more, the risk doubles. Smokers of less than a pack a day found no greater risk of developing the disease.

According to the study:

Researchers analyzed the data of 23,123 health plan members who participated in a voluntary exam and health behavior survey from 1978 to 1985, when they were 50 to 60 years old. Twenty-three years later, about one-quarter of the group, or 5,367, had dementia, including 1,136 with Alzheimer’s disease and 416 with vascular dementia.

Maybe it's time to quite smoking naturally. Here how.

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