Monday, November 22, 2010

Will I end up all alone without a shoulder to cry on?

Align CenterYears From Now - Aizat Amdan (Aizat AF5)

What will I be years from now
What will I wear, how will I look
I think too much, I think too much

Sometimes it’s scary over thinking
What you have or haven’t done
You think too much, you think too much

Will the rain smell the same
Will our loosing treacherous game
And the star much shine
The colours seem so blurry

Will I end up all alone
Without a shoulder to cry on

What will I be years from now
I have answered them but none have answered me
And when my time has come
I hope my last seconds in this life will have you
Will have you

Will the rain smell the same
Will our loosing treacherous game
And neglect most people who
Seems so worthy


i love this song!!
although i must say, i agree that it's almost the same with Estrella's Stay, especially the verse part (and i still love Stay more than Years From Now. ngeh)

what i like about this song is the

retro beat
the music arrangement.
and ooh you do know how much i love musical instrument, right?
so lagu nih memang terbaik lah!
sangat layannnn~!
(for me. i'm not a music expert. i'm a pengkomplen expert. haha)

and the lyric-
baru je arini aku miss bau hujan.
pastu tengah-tengah hujan pagi tadi, boleh pulak teringat Forks town.
tak ke sengal.

and then i listened to this song.
somehow menggembirakan hati aku yang agak 'hujan' ever since last week..
(eventhough the lyric agak macam menikam kalbu sikit. sikit je la..standard drama queen. heh.)


nn said...

baru lepas dengar lagu ni. memang sama sikit dengan stay. tapi best. sangat suitable for people yang nak belajar bahasa inggeris. sebab dia sebut sebiji-biji and lyrics pun tak susah. teringat dulu belajar english guna lagu hari guru yang seniors reka :)

{ w33da } said...

betul2~! sgt layan kan? :)
lagu hari guru tu misti best kan? meh cni nyanyi sket, nak dengar cemana lagu tu ;p