10:35 PM

Day 5.

the longest period of days [of fever] i ever had in my ENTIRE EXISTING.

normally it only takes one day. maximum : 2 days.
never takes any longer than that.

now i'm beginning to concern about my health.
what is this all about?
am i being infected with virus or something??
my colleague next to me is also having the same thing. she was MC yesterday. and today she's taking half day off.

as for me, i was MC yesterday and now i think i shouldn't come to office today.
i can barely think properly.
i can hear 'thump!thump!thump!' sound inside my head.
i'm cranky. occasionally, i felt like i wanna throw up.

am i dying???

Mirmir said that if this sickness keeps continue, she's taking me to the hospital tomorrow.
i think i should too.

heck, i think that i should be bedridden in the hospital right now.

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