Tuesday, December 14, 2010

the awesome ones!

i never really talk about my work, kan?

well.. it's not something to be proud of, pun.
i'm not some fancy youngest CEO ke.. youngest top female Manager ke..
i'm just an ordinary macai je..

i do various thing actually.
and one of 'em requires me to find 'inspiration' from others.

here i would like to share some of the awesome 'inspiration' that makes me go 'whoaaaa!'

(there's a lot more. but i guess these are enough, kot. he.)

my personal favorite: pictorymag.com

cun, kan? :)
i wish i could be that creative..


Mrs. Eeza Herman said...

could be creative la..
but...u're not creative person...hahaha...

{ w33da } said...

hahhaa. itu ayat dengki la tu sbb aku kata ko comel mcm teddy bear. kehkehkeh ;p