If Tomorrow Comes ; One of the best book I've ever read!!

6:54 AM

well, i guess it is true what they say about Sidney Sheldon ;
he is, err i mean he was : The Master of The Unexpected!
like seriously, i just can't put down this book!

It feels like i was reading something from my favorite movie and tv series:
Catch Me If You Can (my favorite Caprio's movie) + Law Abiding Citizen (quite poyo. tapi bolei laa) + Leverage (my fav con artists!) and in one of the setting in the novel, it remind me of Chuck Season 3.
and oh, ada macam ala Bonnie & Clyde version baik pun iyer jugak.
haha. gila best!
(yeah yeah. i know. i'm a tv junkie. i get that a lot ;p )

I don't want to give any spoiler.. but... here are some reason why this is a must read:

1. It's about young woman, Tracy Whitney - living almost the perfect life. beautiful, intelligent, and was about to marry one of the most eligible bachelor in town.

2. Her mom died because of suicide after being swindled by a mafia gang.

3. Tracy Whitney was framed by that mafia gang (sumpah sakit hati masa baca nih! gahh!) and she was sentenced for 15 years in prison.

4. She was also being chased after by a psycho Insurance Company Investigator.

5. You have to read the rest. highly recommended!

see the thing is, i always like to think ahead and make my own plot whenever i see a movie or read a novel. so when i read this, i know i should be thinking of something that is unexpected. and i almost right, except that as i read towards the end of the chapter, i wasn't really sure what to expect. i was curious and kept thinking whether i was right or wrong. haa. memang saspen. memang best!

If Tomorrow Comes has everything in it-
the thrill.. the adventure..

and as a matter of fact, i kinda admired how Tracy finds her way to survive.
i means, it's not that i agreed with what she does with her life.
it's wrong.
but try to put yourself in her shoes.
being framed for something you didn't do..
masuk penjara lagi.. while pregnant..
dalam penjara pulak, jadi buruan homo. eeeeee!
pastu keluar penjara, takde sape nak bagi kerja as she was a convict...
seriously, kesian gila..

but she gets up and rise to her feet.
and she survives...

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