Kek Lemon Lamington.. nyum nyum

11:55 PM

i saw this in Nona today.
macam nak buat, tapi tader oven. haha. kesian.
pastu tiba-tiba terasa macam nak post entry pasal resepi Kek Lemon Lamington nih.
just in case my notebook crash ke kan.. at least ada back up.
ceh.. macam la tak bolei google lagi ;p

FYI, Lemon Lamingtons is Australian traditional favorite cake.
there are various version of Lamington's cake on the web.
the express one which is for someone who doesn't have oven *cough* like me, you can click here for the recipe.

others, you can try the one in this entry. This recipe is originally from hungerhunger.
yeah.. i didn't have time to copy the recipe from Nona. tipu. sebnanya malas nak cari pen & kertas. hehehe

Sponge Cake (makes about 16 cute lamingtons)

4 large eggs, at room temp (dalam tv tadi pakai 3 je)
70g fine sugar
1/4 pure vanilla extract
1/4 t cream of tartar

120g cake flour, sifted

60g melted butter (or corn oil)

Other ingredients
lemon curd (see recipe below)
70g dessicated coconut

1. Set oven at 170 C. Line bottom of 8" (20 cm) square lamington pan with paper, and grease it lightly.

2. Whisk A ingredients with a strong mixer (Kenwood, KitchenAid) till soft peaks form when you lift up your whisk. This method is more testy because the yolk has fat and the trapped air can be lost easily so do not overbeat. You have to work quickly. Another method, adding the yolks to B ingredients and whipping the whites without the yolks, will ensure a lighter cake but I personally feel lamingtons shouldn't have a chiffony texture.

3. Sift in B quickly n thoroughly. Using your hand is the best.

4. Add C and again mix quickly with your hand. Pour into prepared pan, level the batter and bake at 170 C for 15 to 20 min. Test with a thin wooden skewer the middle of the cake. If any batter sticks to the skewer, cake isn't done yet.

5. When cake is cool, trim away the brown crust and cut into 2" (5 cm) x 2" squares (or 1.5" squares, cuter!)or rectangles. Using a fork, dip cake quickly into the dip (to prevent crumbs getting into the bowl of dip, you can place cakes on a wire rack and spoon dip over. Or, you can leave cake to harden in fridge first), let excess drip off and roll it into a plate of dessicated coconut. Chill, take out 10 min before serving.

Lemon Curd
This is my *hungerhunger* lemon curd recipe. It may be too sour for you so do add more sugar if like. You can use store-bought lemon curd (not the same!), and dilute it because a runnier dip will coat easier.

Finely grated rind and juice from 1/2 lemon
1 egg, beaten
70g unsalted butter
70g fine sugar

Put everything into a small saucepan set over a pot of simmering water (double boiler) and stir till sauce thickens enough to coat back of spoon before running off. Let cool. If it gets too thick, blend in some water.

*kalau ada sape2 yang sempat copy resepi dari Nona tadi, pls do let me know, k. i think that one is easier. ingredient pun senang ingat.

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