11:43 AM

it'a almost 4 in the morning and my eyes still open.
seriously. i can't stand this.
i have trouble breathing - idung tersumbat.
the never ending cough - sakitnya tekak. huhu.
and my head - feels like it's gonna explode anytime soon!
the headache is like never ending..

call me paranoid, but i'm hearing all sort of things that is not supposed to be heard during this early hour.
i'm pretty sure nih semua gara-gara cerita seram dari kawan-kawan tadi.
hampagas sungguh.
and now dah terbayang-bayang Paranormal Activity.

but oh, i've never watched that movie.
nih semua gara-gara rumah atas nih yang kind of horror.
hmm, maybe someday i'll talk about that.
not now.
my head is giving me massive headache already.

i dunno what else to do.
dah baca dah segala ayat- tapi tak jalan jugak.
tak nak merungut.. tapi hello.. i need some restttttt!!

kalau alang alang nak demam, sila demam sampai hari Isnin boleh?
at least boleh gak gunakan MC yang masih berbalance 11/14 hari tu kan..
can u believe it??
i only used 3 MC this year!

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