I wanna be a billionaire so frickin' bad...

5:43 AM

i love planning for holidays.
that's like, the only thing that keeps me going everyday.
the thing that makes every morning that i have to rise to work, worthwhile.

i'm not filthy rich.
heck, i'm not even close to rich.
i hafto to save up money to go for holiday.

insyaAllah, i hope i'll be able to set my foot on EhemEhem land.
it's gonna be a long holiday.
i'm not sure if my boss will let me have me-time, though.
but i've already bought the flight ticket..
so you know.. the damage is done. hehehe.
i'll go no matter what.
unless if he's willing to pay me back double-lah ye.
that's definitely a WHOLE different story. haha.

the place is Masya Allah, so amazing!
i wish i can stay there much longer than what we've planned.
too many places to go. too many things to do and try.
kinda Eat.Pray.Love.
only that;
Eat*Halal Food*.
Pray*to ALLAH*.
and Love..??
well.. you never know..


and as for now,
i'm on a tight budget.
[seriously TIGHT since there's some personal/family things going on too.]
kinda hope i'll get a b0nu5 before flying to EhemEhem, but i doubt it.
we have just got a 5alary rai5e, so even if there's a b0nu5,
it's not gonna be in this next few months.

oleh itu, marilah berusaha tidak bershopping untuk beberapa bulan ini ye....

boleh ke??

i'm pretty sure it's gonna be hard- blood and tears.
(kahkah. over kannnn..?)

but for what it's worth, i'd say..
aja aja fighting!

oh by the way,
i really, like, REALLY wanna go see Terima Kasih Cinta.

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siapa-siapa yang baik hati, tolong belanja saya.. boleh?

you know you love me ;)

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