my BFF.. he's leaving on a jet plane..

7:46 AM

i have a guy bestfriend.
his name is X. we've been friends eversince we were kids.
we went to kindergarten together, both of our parents are family friends so basically X and I were close like siblings.

Last week was X's last day in Malaysia.
He's going to US to further his study-->his Second Degree (yes. he's rajin like that).
And last Friday, he asked me to come over to his house to send him to KLIA.

So i went to his house.
Both of his parents were there. they looked both happy and sad (i'm not sure which one of those actually as X is the only child in the family). They were glad to see me, tho- Saying that after X's leaving for US, i hafto frequently come to their house... aiyakkkk~ (-__-)"

I went to X's room to help him packing his things.
oh don't worry. his room is kinda 'open-air', sort of like this:

(his room is the one on the upstairs. kinda like an attic. sorry i am too malas to cari his room picture in my drive. it's PNC anyway.)

yeah i know. it's not a typical room.
heck, their house is not even a typical house. his dad is an architect graduated from US (kot. i'm not sure of this. heh), so you know la kann .. how sometimes architect can be terlebih creative. ..and which is why they don't mind if we hang out in X's 'room'. taklei nak buat apa pun.

smart parents, huh? ;p

it felt so sad when i stepped into his room.

i'm going to lose my best buddy. my bestest friend. my BFF.
the one i talk to everyday..
the one who's always there for me..
makes me laugh with his jokes. and sometimes makes me sad with his stupid attitude..
(which we usually will laugh about it later on.)

i can never get mad at him.
not for long, at least.
he's such a clown! :)

paling sedih sebab dia pergi US.

i mean, why didn't he choose UK?? at least i know that i won't have any problem if i EVER going to tour Europe. betul tak? (selfish mode ON. hehe) But US?? hurm.. my least favorite place to go. but look on the bright side, i can ask him to bring me to LA. yeaahhh!! okay. dah tak sedih dah. hehe.

when he finished packing his bag, he suddenly said to me:
"You know what, i'm going to miss you"

and i jokingly replied:

"don't be. i need you there so we can be paparazzi together in Beverly Hills. You'll be my sidekick! "

he smiled. (but i swear i can see tears in his eyes!)

see the thing is, the reason he went to US is because of me.

well.. you know how guys are:
they just can't put a line between Friends and More than Friends. i think men are much complicated than women are, cause when women say 'We're just friends' and they (men) see it as 'Try harder'. haiih. We're on planet earth and yet we speak different language. hmm.

so anyway,
i drove him to KLIA using X's Jeep (JC).
langit cerah. nasib baik tak hujan.
oh well, it was his idea. he said that he's gonna miss Jeepers Creepers (i know, right?? crazzzzzy name for a Jeep, huh? ) so why don't we take JC for one last ride. ku ikutkan saje laaa..

we reached KLIA quite late.

i waited outside when he went for check-in.

and just when i saw him coming to me for goodbye, i saw another human being behind him.

it was He-Who-Can't-Be-Named.
Oh My Gucci!
damn damn damn!
he's going to see me with some other guy!

yeah i know he's taken, but i didn't see his darling, so who knows... i might stand a chance.
hahahaha. sengal jugak haku nih kan, sempat lagi nak fikir camtu. i'm such a jerk.

He-Who-Can't-Be-Named walked past by me, picking up his bag that he left on a chair somewhere behind me.
and because of X was there, i pretend that i didn't see him.
i bid goodye to X, wish him luck etc etc etc.. and then he left.

suddenly i felt a sudden pang inside my heart.
and before i knew it, i was overwhelmed with tears.
oh God, i hope he didn't see me like this.
i didn't want him to get the wrong meaning.

i didn't know what EXACTLY happened when suddenly i felt someone hugged me.

it was X!!!

i frozed, didn't know what to do.
when did he turn back??
and at that very second, million things running thru my mind all at once;- and one of them was:
"oh shoot! this is a sin. mati la haku kena rejam dengan batu!"

dan paling tak bleh blah, one of my thought was:
"demmit, He Who Can't Be Named is right behind me! oh mannnnn, there goes my chance.. slipping away right in front of me!
(or, it's actually, 'behind' la, kan?whatever)"

and guess what, at that very moment, a song was playing at the airport:

"Sebelumnya kau pergi.. Renungkan lah ku di sini..."

i was confused and was like "Apakah???"

and then realized..
"Ooo..aku mimpi rupanya.."

pastu terus la haku tersedar dari mimpi tersebut.

ngek betul.
of all lagu, kenapakah lagu Nora yang keluar??

just so you know,
i don't usually dream when i sleep.
kalau ada pun, bila bangun je dah tak ingat.

but this dream..
it was so vivid... so real..
penangan ubat batuk hari jumaat aritu la kot.
ngam ngam bangun masa Subuh. sedar-sedar je, terus tergelak. haha.


1) i haven't heard that Nora's song for a very longggggg time. i have no idea how it got into my dream. aku syak, itu terjadi pasal iklan-iklan flashback sebelum AJL25 aritu kot. hehe.

2) tatau la kenapa begitu tak semenggah mimpi tersebut. terasa macam Pertapa Gatal aka Jiraiya Sama la pulak. kahkah. i didn't read any romance books or watched romance movie. hari-hari baca Sidney Sheldon, which mostly pasal criminalogy. movie?? lagi la tader. drama?? the only drama yang haku tengok hari hari adalah Tiramisu (TV3).

maybe pasal citer Tiramisu tu la kot...
citer tu kan ke sengal. macam ala drama Korea. hehe.

3) part yang last tu kan.. pasal yang sedih-sedih tu kan.. i think i was sad not because of X.. i mean, yes, i was sad because X's leaving but i think MOSTLY i was sad because of He Who Can't Be Named..


bangang punya mimpiiiiiiiiiiiii! kenapa laaaa tetiba ada dia. adeihhhh~!

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